Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Maryssa Who? She's Dead to Us! We Don't Even WANT Custody!

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Jenelle Evans has lost custody of her children following a shocking chain of events.

It all began when her husband, David Eason, murdered the family dog - poor little Nugget - in a fit of rage.

Earlier this week, in an exclusive statement to The Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle vowed to regain custody, but it seems her remarks need to be amended somewhat:

According to a bombshell new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle and David are now only fighting for two of the children who were taken from their home.

The couple is apparently so angry at David's 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Maryssa, that they've essentially decided to cut ties.

It's beyond sad and a bit surreal to watch this all unfold. Here's everything we know about the latest development in this increasingly bizarre saga:

1. A Strained Relationship

A Strained Relationship
As those who follow them on social media are well aware, Jenelle and David often attempted to create the impression that they both enjoyed close relationships with Maryssa. We don't know if that was ever really the case - but it certainly isn't these days.

2. Gone Girl

Gone Girl
Following the CPS investigation that resulted in three children being removed from Jenelle and David's care and North Carolina property, Maryssa was placed with her maternal grandmother.

3. Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead
Maryssa is the eldest of Jenelle and David's kids (they have five combined), and it seems she's assumed a protective role and is doing her best to minimize the damage the couple inflicts on their other children.

4. Demoted

When it rains, it pours. These days, the Easons' interactions with their children are limited to one-hour supervised visits - and it seems the sessions are not going smoothly.

5. Family Fun Time!

Family Fun Time!
“Jenelle and David had a supervised visit at the visitation center with all four kids today,” a source told The Ashley, one of the most reliable sources on this ongoing saga, on Thursday.

6. Smart Girl

Smart Girl
“Jace and Ensley were there, as was Kaiser. Maryssa came but refused to see David so he left," the insider added.

7. Not the First Time

Not the First Time
Interestingly, this is not the first time such an incident has been reported. Sources say Maryssa ran out of a previous supervised visit with David.

8. Angry Dad

Angry Dad
And what was David Eason's reaction to being snubbed by his own daughter? Why, it was every bit as mature as you would expect.

9. Return Snub

Return Snub
"He said he’s done with Maryssa, and that she can stay with her grandmother for good,” The Ashley's source said.

10. Stay Classy, Dave

Stay Classy, Dave
"[Jenelle and David] are now only fighting to win back custody of Ensley and Kaiser,” the insider added.

11. Another Stellar Decision

Another Stellar Decision
Yes, despite the fact that they no longer have custody of ANY of their kids as of this report, Jenelle and David apparently believe they're in a position of power.

12. What a Guy

What a Guy
Insiders have told celebrity news outlet TMZ that the current mess is "all David's fault" (though we're sure Jenelle contributed some, too) and yet, it seems he'll still accept nothing less than blind loyalty from his traumatized children.

13. The Beginning

The Beginning
Not that we need to remind you, but this all started when David shot and killed the family dog - an 11-pound Frenchie named Nugget - while the kids were at home.

14. #JusticeForNugget

When it became clear that the Teen Mom 2 star had no intention of removing her children from this dangerous situation, CPS officials had no choice but to get involved.

15. The Right Decision

The Right Decision
Following a lengthy court battle, the judge awarded temporary custody to the children's current caregivers, including Jenelle's mother Barbara Evans and Jenelle's former fiance Nathan Griffith.

16. Out of Harm's Way

Out of Harm's Way
That means that the children are currently safe in the care of relatives, and some of them are enjoying stable home environments for the first time in their lives.

17. Better Days

Better Days
In an interesting wrinkle, Maryssa's mother, Whitney Johnson, reportedly lives in the same house as the girl's grandmother, but does not have any custody rights.

18. Back in Court

Back in Court
Jenelle and David are due back in court on Tuesday of next week, at which time the judge in their case will outline what they would need to do in order to regain custody.

19. Long Shot Odds

Long Shot Odds
Fortunately, after the tumultuous events of May 2019, it seems increasingly unlikely that the couple will be trusted to care for children anytime in the near future.

20. Displaced

And so, Ensley will remain with Barbara; Kaiser will stay with Nathan, and Maryssa will continue to reside with her mother and grandmother.

21. Kaiser In the Middle

Kaiser In the Middle
Many who have been following the case closely speculate that the Easons seem most concerned with regaining custody of 4-year-old Kaiser.

22. Lying Again?

Lying Again?
Jenelle would likely claim that she's fixated on Kaiser because she's concerned about Griffith's ability to provide a stable home environment.

23. The Truth

The Truth
However, it seems more likely that the Easons are working on pure spite, as they've made little attempt to conceal their contempt for Nathan over the years.

24. Pot, Meet Kettle

Pot, Meet Kettle
And it's not like Jenelle and David have really excelled at creating a stable home environment themselves.

25. Safe at Last

Safe at Last
At the very least, Teen Mom Nation can breathe a little bit easier knowing that Maryssa has finally escaped to a more stable environment.

26. Silver Lining

Silver Lining
It's one of the few pieces of good news in an increasingly ugly situation, one that we hope finds a calmer equilibrium sooner rather than later.

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