Scheana Marie Exposes Bully Who Told Her to Die From an Overdose

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Vanderpump Rules fans have strong opinions about the show's colorful cast members.

It's natural that the many spirited discussions of the show on social media would include some light ribbing from time to time.


But there's a maaaaajor difference between good-natured trash-talk and the type of brutal cyber-bullying that Scheana Mare was subjected to this week.

For reasons that remain unclear, one of Scheana's Instagram followers unleashed a torrent of hateful comments on Thursday.

“You have got to be the most annoying and unworthy Vanderpump Rules cast member," the idiot started off.

Unkind, obviously, but it's the sort of comment that the cast has become accustomed to over the past seven seasons.

Scheana Marie in Shades

From there, however, the bully continued talking trash, eventually crossing the line into full-blown harassment.

Be warned that the statements below contain what may be triggering language for some:

“You should stick to being a mistress and f-cking married men," says the insider.

“You will never get married and have kids.”

Scheana Shay on a Boat

The jack ass continued:

“Next time tell your parents to pick a real name for their children. Every time I say it I laugh. What a joke."

Like we said, brutal stuff -- but there was one statement in particular that really seemed to get under Scheana's skin:

"As I see it you should just overdose and do everyone a favor," the commenter wrote.

Scheana Shay on Bravo

Fortunately, Scheana wasn't messing around when it came to addressing the matter, and she called him out by name in her latest Instagram Story.

While we don't know exactly what sort of response he received, it was bad enough to motivate the douche to change his Instagram handle.

"Receiving a message like this, you don't know what that can do to someone," Scheana said in the video, adding that "suicide is never the answer" 

Over the years we've watched Scheana endure divorce, alienation from her friend group, and various medical ailments.

Scheana Shay Image

Like so many others, we've poked occasional fun at Scheana's music career, but there's no excuse for this kind of harassment.

We applaud Scheana for her handling of the situation, and we encourage everyone to call out their social media bullies in a similar fashion.

Clearly, the girl has developed a very thick skin over the years.

Maybe Scheana does have what it takes to be the next star of The Bachelorette!

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