37 Classic Vanderpump Rules Moments in GIFs

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Vanderpump Rules has brought us so much joy, sex, pain, heartbreak, sex and cringe-worthy awkwardness (and sex) over five seasons.

As we embrace the new season, which just began in epic fashion, here are some of the hit show's most memorable moments ... GIF style!

1. She's Motorboating D--ks ...

She's Motorboating D--ks ...
Scheana Marie recalls a rumor (spread by Jax) re: Katie Maloney motorboating d--ks at one point. We always felt that the act motorboating applied primarily, if not exclusively, to female breasts, but we have now officially been enlightened by Vanderpump Rules. No sexist double standards here!

2. Stassi Schroeder Hits Kristen Doute

Stassi Schroeder Hits Kristen Doute
Stassi Schroeder open hand slaps Kristen Doute on Vanderpump Rules. It was such an epic moment, it's worth watching on endless loop.

3. You're 31 Years Old!

You're 31 Years Old!
James Kennedy hits Tom Sandoval where it hurts. Then gets literally hit in response.

4. B!tch Go the F--k Home!

B!tch Go the F--k Home!
Ariana Madix sums up what we're thinking so many times when we watch Vanderpump Rules.

5. We Are Deffo Boning!!

We Are Deffo Boning!!
James Kennedy is excited about getting it in. Of course, later he will be trashing his girlfriend of choice in public, but whatever. Carpe diem.

6. LaLa Goes to Town

LaLa Goes to Town
LaLa Kent is so perpetually, unabashedly horny it's ridiculous. And we love her for that.

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