Scheana Marie: Screw Hannah B! I Want to Be the Next Bachelorette!

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It's looking more and more like 2019 might be Scheana Marie's comeback year

It's been a bit of a bumpy road for the Vanderpump Rules star/"Good as Gold" crooner, what with her divorce from Mike Shay and her subsequent Fatal Attraction-like fixation on Rob Valletta.

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But these days, Scheana's life is on the upswing.

For starters, she's got a new crib in Marina Del Rey -- which, based on her castmates' descriptions, can only be reached by crossing 40,000 miles of barren desert. Also, there are wolves.

On top of the good real estate news, Scheana's in a pseudo-relationship with generic SUR dude Adam, whom she called up from the minors, and it doesn't look as though she's gone full stalker on his ass (yet).

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So what's the next stop on Scheana's comeback tour?

Well, it seems she'd like to branch out and become a one-woman reality TV empire.

Unfortunately, Scheana might be down to do the leg work necessary in order to make the transition from basic cable to network TV.


Asked by US Weekly recently if she would like to be the one handing out roses on The Bachelorette, Scheana replied that she would do the show “in a heartbeat.”

The former Mrs. Shay would no doubt make providing fans with a highly-watchable season, but there are two things preventing Scheana from signing on with ABC.

For one thing, Hannah Brown is the network's next Bachelorette and the selection process for the lucky lady after Hannah is a long way off.

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On top of that, Scheana is not down to work her way through the traditional avenues toward stardom in the Chris Harrison Universe (or CHU, if you prefer).

“I would be the Bachelorette,” she told Us.

“[But] I don’t want to go on The Bachelor to become the Bachelorette.”

Scheana Marie Shay at Disney

Yeah, we're guessing that'll be enough to hold Scheana back from dreams of Bachelorette fame.

But hey, she remains a super-fan of the show, and she's crossed paths with at least one former contestant.

Scheana went on date with Robby Hayes during the current season of Vanderpump, but unfortunately, it seems he ghosted her before that episode even aired:

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I actually have not spoken to him since October, and it still baffles me because him and I were such good friends. We went to Hawaii together. We went on a few dates. We made out on that date, as you saw,” she explained to Us.

“And then, he was on a trip in Mexico, we were texting and I was like, ‘I miss you. Let’s have a Robby-Scheana day soon.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah. I’ll be back tomorrow.’ … I’ve literally never heard from him again.”

Probably doesn't help that Schena brought Adam on one of their dates.

Hmm ... maybe she is getting a little stalker-y with this dude.

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