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Vanderpump Rules star and apparent aspiring singer Scheana Marie has released a hot new single entitled “Shake That,” and it’s certainly make you shake something.

Probably your head, or your fist at the screen after listening to this …

Scheana Marie - Shake That

Scheana released the track this week, featuring a very sexy Britney Spears-inspired single cover, and said the pop icon has always been her inspiration.

“Britney has always been my idol,” the reality star and former Eddie Cibrian mistress says. “But I wasn’t even trying to make it a Britney picture at first!"

"I knew I wanted neon colors in the cover, so when I had Googled artwork with neon, the ‘Britney Jean’ album cover was one of the things that came up.

"I was like, ‘Oh, what if I just kind of recreate that picture?’ I’m really happy with how it came out. It’s my favorite song I’ve done so far. How can I top it?”


By producing anything listenable? Just food for thought. We wouldn’t quit our day job at SUR if we were Ms. Marie, though her boss digs the song apparently.

“Lisa [Vanderpump] even likes it, so that means a lot to me!” she adds, and if you saw Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 2, that may work in her favor.

The PUMP owner does very much rule, as the show implies, so Scheana Marie can use anything she can to win over the woman who signs the checks.

Which, in turn, can help her pay her medical bills after that fight she got caught up in. You can watch Vanderpump Rules online to see what we we mean.

After hothead Tom Sandoval and that douche James came to blows at Scheana’s birthday bash, it was the brunette beauty who ended up in the hospital.

We hope she’s doing alright, and hope your ears don’t bleed so badly after listening to her attempt at a musical career that you end up there as well.