Scheana Marie: My Split From Mike Shay Has Made Me Stronger!

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A new season of Vanderpump Rules is upon us, and while we're sure to see plenty of new beefs and breakups among the staff at SUR, at least one cast member has been enjoying a steady upswing in recent months.

After enduring a painful divorce from Mike Shay, Scheana Marie moved on and found love again with actor Robert Valletta.

While that situation may not have gone entirely as planned, those who know her best say they've never seen Scheana happier.

But while Scheana is understandably eager to leave the past in the past, she's also admirably candid in discussing the ways in which she's been changed and strengthened by the struggles that brought her to where she is today:

1. The Newcomer

The Newcomer
When we first met Scheana back in Season 1, she was the new girl at SUR. As Vanderpump fans know, that's a difficult position to be in, but Scheana met the challenge with grace and courage.

2. Scheana and Shay

Scheana and Shay
At the time, Scheana was in what appeared to be a stable relationship with Mike Shay, and both parties openly discussed their desire to get married and start a family.

3. A Memorable Wedding

A Memorable Wedding
The couple tied the knot in a swanky ceremony befitting Scheana's unique sense of style. Unfortunately, not long after they exchanged vows, life for the Shays took a sharp downturn.

4. A Secret Addiction

A Secret Addiction
Shortly after the wedding, it was revealed that Mike was struggling with an addiction to prescription painkillers. He had reportedly gone to great lengths to hide his substance abuse from Scheana.

5. Toughing It Out

Scheana stood by her husband's side as he battled his personal demons, but as Mike withdrew deeper into himself, kept her at a distance, and began disappearing for days at a time, she began to feel she was left with no choice but to bring the marriage to an end.

6. An Example to Others

An Example to Others
Now, Scheana is opening up about the painful decision to call it quits, and the challenges of being married to an addict. As opioid abuse continues to destroy lives in record numbers, Scheana's is sadly a situation that millions can relate to.

7. Blind to the Signs

Blind to the Signs
"I was definitely naive about a lot of things. There were a lot of signs that I ignored — things with his addiction and things I was very uneducated on," Scheana said in a recent interview with KTLA 5 Morning News.

8. A Painful Education

A Painful Education
"So I'm now a lot more educated on addiction. I know things to look for and I think that is one of the biggest things that I got out of it," she added.

9. Sharing Her Pain

Sharing Her Pain
Scheana spoke openly about her discovery of Mike's addiction in several emotional scenes during Vanderpump Rules Season 4.

10. Broken Trust

Broken Trust
Sadly, it seems that by the time Scheana became aware of the extent of Mike's problems, their relationship had been damaged beyond repair.

11. Making Matters Worse

Making Matters Worse
The couple made a valiant effort to work through their problems, but Mike's addiction wasn't their only issue. Scheana says toward the end of their time together Mike was texting other women and stealing money from her bank account.

12. A Moving Response

A Moving Response
Scheana says thousands of fans have thanked her and Shay for the openness with which they discussed his addiction issues.

13. Providing Hope

Providing Hope
"Even with his addiction and the substance abuse, thousands of people reached out to us via email, Twitter, or Instagram, just saying how inspiring it was that we spoke out about this on a public platform and how much we were able to help them and now they were seeking help and how they were able to come out to their family about their addiction problems," she told The Daily Dot back in January.

14. No Regrets

No Regrets
"That made me be like, 100 percent, I know we did the right thing. I don't regret putting it out there," she added.

15. A New Beginning

A New Beginning
These days, Scheana has found love again with actor Robert Parks-Valletta.

16. An Unexpected Romance

An Unexpected Romance
Though Scheana and Robert had reportedly known one another for several years, she was apparently taken by surprise when their relationship abruptly developed into something more following her divorce.

17. A Pleasant Surprise

A Pleasant Surprise
“She wasn’t expecting to meet somebody new so soon; she certainly wasn’t looking for it," an insider told People magazine back in March.

18. Reason To Be Hopeful

Reason To Be Hopeful
"She’s taking things slow, but is finally optimistic on what the future might hold," the source added. Scheana recently revealed that she and Robert are currently in a "friends with benefits" arrangement.

19. Still Scheana

Still Scheana
She's certainly been through a lot, but as anyone who follows her on social media knows, Scheana hasn't lost her sense of humor. We're hoping for more quoatables like this one when Vanderpump Rules Season 6 premieres on Bravo Monday night.

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