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Well, the new season of Teen Mom OG is finally here.

We say "finally" because it seems the new episodes were highly-anticipated by the show’s dedicated fan base — which appears to be getting smaller by the year.

Teen Mom 5
Photo via MTV

Yes, TMOG ratings have been on the decline ever since Farrah got fired, but don’t tell that to the central cast members.

In a recent group interview, the Moms issued ultimatums to their bosses and delivered a veiled threat by revealing that any of them could quit at any time.

Of course, when it comes to OG arrogance, none of the original moms can top Amber Portwood, who seems to believe that a large segment of the show’s audience tunes in just to keep up on her exciting life.

In the kind of scripted segment that makes up a troubling amount of the show’s runtime these days, Amber revealed that she really, really wanted to quit last year — but she simply couldn’t let her public down.

Amber Portwood on E!
Photo via E!

"Last year, everything was falling into place for me — I had an amazing boyfriend [Andrew Glennon], a beautiful son James, and [ex Gary Shirley] and I were finally co-parenting [daughter Leah] better," she said.

"But I struggled with postpartum depression, and people said really negative things about me on the internet, which didn’t help," Amber added.

"I was in a bad place, so I needed to take time for myself."

Amber has talked about her postpartum depression in the past.

Amber Portwood on the Insta

It’s a serious condition that afflicts many mothers, and we applaud her for speaking out on it.

However, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that Amber constantly complains about being portrayed as the show’s resident villain and then claims she had to resume filming for the sake of her fan base — which appears to be non-existent.

"The support of my fans made me change my mind, so I agreed to come back and film," Portwood stated on Monday.

"I really isolated myself the last few months, so I’m finally ready to reconnect with my family."

Amber Portwood New Selfie
Photo via Instagram

But if you think Amber came back without a list of demands, you don’t know Amber:

"I’m sick and tired of every season being depressed me," Portwood said.

"It makes me really sad the sh-t that people think about me. …I can tell you I get bothered by some of the messages, however, I don’t even read the whole thing anymore."

Amber on the Couch
Photo via MTV

So Portwood wants to continue filming not for the cushy gig and the six-figure paycheck, but because the public needs her.

That said, she wants to be depicted in a way that runs counter to everything "her fans" know about her.

Has anyone told these moms that MTV was quite popular before they came along and will likely continue to be afterward?

Seems like something they should know before they start issuing too many demands.