Amber Portwood to Fans: You're All Jealous of How Rich I Am!

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Amber Portwood interacted with fans during an Instagram Live session this week.

It's a practice she engages in quite often -- even though it literally never goes well.

If you're a Teen Mom OG fan, then you're probably aware that Amber has a bit of a short temper.

And by that, we mean she might be the angriest human being on the planet.

But believe it or not, Amber's latest online tirade might be her wildest yet.

And to make it even more amusing, she said a whole bunch of wildly delusional stuff about how rich and famous she is.

Take a look:

1. Amber on the Warpath

Amber on the Warpath
Amber engaged in another one of her live discussions with fans this week -- and as always, it did not go according to plan.

2. Live Amber

Live Amber
Amber's famous temper was on display in a BIG way this time, as the Teen Mom OG went from friendly to seething about six seconds flat.

3. Missed the Lastest Tantrum?

Missed the Lastest Tantrum?
Don't worry, The Ashley's Reality Roundup collected some of the most bonkers quotes from Amber's bonkers meltdown!

4. What This Now?

What This Now?
“I’m so sick of the way people think of me, it’s disgusting…I am a 28-year-old woman and you guys are like children," Amber railed at ... her own Instagram followers.

5. I USED to Be a Jerk!

I USED to Be a Jerk!
"You do not help people. You do not help the world. You do not use your platform for good," she continued. "You use your platform like I used to— to act a fool to make money. I’m not using my platform for that anymore.”

6. Sloth-Like Superhero

Sloth-Like Superhero
So what does Amber "use [her] platform" for these days? Why, saving lives and buying mansions, of course!

7. A Regular Bruce Wayne

A Regular Bruce Wayne
“This has nothing to do with [my] bipolar. This is called a REAL woman speaking REAL facts…I’m going to really make a difference," Portwood raved.

8. Someone Get This Woman a Nobel Prize!

Someone Get This Woman a Nobel Prize!
"I’m going to save people’s lives. I just saved a few people’s lives last week. Literally," Amber continued.

9. Sit Down, Be Humble

Sit Down, Be Humble
From there, Amber went on a tirade about how fabulously wealthy and brilliant she is. It was -- really something.

10. Marilyn Mansion

Marilyn Mansion
“I need to make sure this next house I’m about to move into– which is a f--king mansion– is paid off," Portwood informed her audience.

11. The Wold of Brawl Street

The Wold of Brawl Street
And how does our favorite violent ex-con earn all that mansion cash? With stocks and all kinds of other stuff you wouldn't understand, gawd!

12. I'm Out of Touch? YOU'RE Out of Touch!

I'm Out of Touch? YOU'RE Out of Touch!
When fans pointed out that Amber sounds a bit entitled in this Q&A, she countered that she used to work so hard it was literally illegal!

13. All the Way Until 18

All the Way Until 18
“I know about 9-to-5 jobs! I worked 9-to-5 jobs since I was about 15, all the way until 18 years old," Portwood argued. "I worked 45 hours a week at the age of 17, which is illegal.”

14. The Nanny Justification

The Nanny Justification
“You guys wish you could have this life. You wish you could make money on your phone. YOU WISH! That’s why I need a nanny [for my son James]. Who cares?” Amber continued.

15. So Which Is It?

So Which Is It?
Yes, Amber works too hard to not have hired help around the house. Which is funny, because she spent much of the Live session bragging that she barely works at all.

16. But It SOUNDS Like You Give a Damn

But It SOUNDS Like You Give a Damn
“Sitting on my bed on my phone, making good money and taking care of my kids," Amber boasted. "You guys can sit there and be jealous…I don’t give a damn anymore. You guys are like children.”

17. Doing Stock Markets

Doing Stock Markets
“For everyone who wants to talk s**t and say I need MTV so bad…I can make more money a month, a year, doing stock markets than I do from MTV…I appreciate what I do and the money that I get [from MTV] but to write me off like that [is all I get] is a slap in the face," Portwood blathered on.

18. Enter Andrew

Enter Andrew
And when did Amber become such a financial genius? Well, apparently she puts her baby daddy Andrew Glennon in charge of the finances.

19. Remember When She Pretended She Does It All?

Remember When She Pretended She Does It All?
“I have Andrew…he pretty much runs all [the stocks]. He does stuff from 9-4 doing day-trading….You can make really decent money but you guys don’t know this stuff…he just made $3200 in 10 minutes…that’s how crazy this stuff is, it’s real," Amber told her dwindling audience.

20. Well-Compensated

When one fan expressed sympathy for Andrew's plight, Amber went off in hilarious fashion.

21. Yeah, But the House Is In Indiana (We Kid!)

Yeah, But the House Is In Indiana (We Kid!)
“Poor Andrew? Oh yes, it must be so hard for him living in a 2,500 square foot home with me. It must be so hard when I give him kisses and cuddle him at night," Portwood said.

22. Hard to Tell If She's Joking

Hard to Tell If She's Joking
"It must be hard to go to Hawaii and all these other places, and on a yacht…so hard! He’s treated like a king!” Amber went on.

23. She's Trolling Us, Right?

She's Trolling Us, Right?
“The people who work from home make more money than people who work 9-to-5 jobs," Portwood said, sounding almost impossibly entitled. "What we do, you guys couldn’t do because you’re not in the industry, you’re not part of it, and you don’t know what we do. You don’t know the logistics of it and the conversations we have to have with networks.”

24. Flipping the Script

Flipping the Script
"Some of you are so entitled…how am I lazy? You wish you could make the money I make one day by sitting on my f--king phone," Portwood fumed.

25. Good Talk, Everyone!

Good Talk, Everyone!
"Because that’s your entire year’s salary. You wish you could sit in your f--king bed and sit on your phone and make the money I make," Amber concluded, thus bring to an end one of the most bonkers Instagram Live rants in recent memory. We can't wait for the next one!

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