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Rebel. The word has followed Jinger Duggar relentlessly for the past several years, and it seems she’s not ashamed of the title.

It started when Jinger began wearing sweatpants in defiance of her family’s dress code, and Jinger has been engaging in one act of defiance after the other ever since.

Jinger and Parents

Now, it’s important to note that Jinger is only a rebel by the standards of her ultra-conservative family.

She’s a married mom and devout Christian who’s famous for her devotion to her husband and daughter, as well as her unassuming demeanor.

But she’s also strayed from the path her parents carved out for her on a number of occasions.

Jinger’s most recent high-profile act of rebellion was her decision to move to Los Angeles so that her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, can attend divinity school there.

Jinger Duggar Bares Her Shoulders and Holds Her Baby

But that’s certainly not the only way that Jinger has outraged her fundamentalist folks this year.

One mini-scandal that the Duggars have yet to acknowledge publicly is Jinger’s avowed support of the LGBT community.

We learned that the 25-year-old does not share her parents’ backward belief system when she posted supportive comments pertaining to her brother-in-law, Charles Vuolo, and a short film he made about trans rights.

Jinger Duggar and Cute Family

These may seem like very minor infractions, but dissent is simply not tolerated in the Duggar family, particularly when that dissent comes from a young woman.

The situation has gotten so bad in recent weeks that it was widely rumored that Jinger had been disowned by her parents.

That doesn’t seem to be the case (the more Duggar-obsessed corners of the internet love jumping to conclusions), but it does look as though there’s some serious friction between Jinger and her parents.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Love

Several sources have claimed that Jinger is no longer on speaking terms with Jim Bob and Michelle.

While we have no way of knowing for certain if that’s the case, it is interesting that the two couples have not interacted directly on social medisa in several months.

This, despite the fact that the Vuolos live about 800 miles away from the Duggars in Laredo, Texas.

A source claims that Jim Bob and Michelle are "thrilled" about their daughter’s relocation, but the couple has issued a statement or commented on any of her recent posts about the move.

Jinger and Family

In all likelihood, Jim Bob and Michelle are going to great lenghts to make it clear to Meghan that they don’t agree with her recent choices.

But she’s almost certainly not kicked out of the family.

If the Josh Duggar sex scandals taught us anything, it’s that the Duggars are a vry forgiving lot.