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Beast Mode is coming.

With Hannah Brown ready to unleash her darker side (and The Bachelorette spoilers already coming in), anticipating is building.

Now we know when the former Miss Alabama’s epic journey will begin on ABC, as the network has announced its premiere date:

Alabama Hannah
Photo via Instagram

On Monday, May 13, Hannah – who starred on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor – begins her own romantic quest.

The bar is set pretty low, at least by reality TV standards. Let’s not forget how things played out on her first foray this winter.

Hannah, 24, went so far as to meet Colton’s family … only to be shown the door and booted off the show on the same day.

That’s gotta be rough.

Colton and Hannah B.
Photo via ABC

What kind of dude intros you to his family and cuts you loose 10 minutes later? We digress … Brown is in the driver’s seat now.

While The Bachelor initally focused on her rivalry with fellow contestant (and beauty queen) Caelynn, Hannah is more than that.

Her positive attitude, outgoing personality and, obviously, model looks made her a fan favorite, even if it took a couple of weeks.

What can we expect now?

The Queen of Roses
Photo via Instagram

After being named the franchise’s leading lady on Colton’s After the Final Rose special, Brown went right to work that night.

She handed out a rose to one potential suitor, Cameron, and met others who are likely to last a week at most. A mixed bag.

What we’re hearing from early Bachelorette spoilers is that there’s already a frontrunner who’s looking like the one to beat.

Sound familiar?

Hannah Brown Photo
Photo via ABC

This could still change, as filming continues, but we’ve seen this in a few seasons lately. There’s The One vs. everyone else.

As for The Ones that got away, or who weren’t so lucky in love to begin with, ABC is also planning an epic reunion of sorts.

A week before Hannah’s season premiere – the series’ 15th – the show is bringing back a dozen of previous leading ladies.

That’s on Monday, May 6.

The special will feature 12 former Bachelorettes, many of whom did not find the happy ending they were looking for on the show.

Memories, though. 

Check out the gallery above to see who’s still together, who flamed out hella fast and who never got together with anyone at all.