Amy Roloff: I Would "Definitely" Love to Marry Chris Marek!

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Recently, Amy and Matt Roloff have spoken about how they drive each other crazy but have a world of respect for each other.

Now, Amy is opening up about her current relationship -- her romance with Chris Marek.

She's talking an awful lot about marriage, folks. Do we hear wedding bells around the corner?

Chris Marek with Amy Roloff Pic

As part of a series of interviews that they did with the Roloff family, Us Weekly spoke to Amy Roloff about her current love life.

Amy has been dating Chris Marek for years, now, and their romance is very serious.

"I would definitely love to get married one day," Amy expresses.

"But," she quickly clarifies. "It’s not something that I’m intentionally pursuing."

In other words, she's not giving the interview as a way of demanding that Chris propose to her.

Pair of Riders

Amy was married to Matt Roloff for 27 years.

During that time, they had several children, acquired a farm, and launched multiple business ventures.

Despite the end of that relationship, Amy affirms that she takes "marriage very seriously."

Some people get married on impulse, because it's a big milestone or because they think that it would be fun to be spouses.

Amy feels that the bond of marriage carries more gravitas than that.

"If I say yes, then that means my whole heart, everything is into it," Amy explains.

She adds: "I do think [marriage] is forever."

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Costa Rica

"Relationships go through seasons," Amy Roloff observes.

She says that relationships evolve because the people within them do, too.

"You are not the same person when you are 20 years old," Amy asserts.

That's fair. Though honestly, few people who aren't Duggars are getting married at 20 these days.

"And," Amy notes, people change "when you become empty nesters, or going through kids and all that."

Amy Roloff Wrote a Book

Amy says that milestones and major shifts in your life can contribute to a couple's bond.

"Both of you are going through that stuff," Amy points out.

"So keeping the communication and sharing with each other, I think, is very important," she reasons.

Couples can grow apart over time.

What Amy is saying is that two people who are in love can also grow together.

Amy Roloff Selfie with Chris Marek

Amy and Chris' romance has been well-received with most of her fans.

Unfortunately, a very vocal minority has been screaming their disapproval from the rooftops.

Some of them grew attached to the Roloff marriage and are unwilling to accept that they are no longer together.

Others have "suspicions" about Chris' motives.

Ultimately, those misgivings boil down to the fans' own prejudices -- refusing to believe that someone of average height would fall in love with Amy.

Amy once held a similar insecurity, but it's heartbreaking to see some of her own fans attack her relationship like this.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Thanksgiving 2018

The Roloffs have a lot of fans with more conservative religious leanings -- in other words, Audrey's fans.

Unfortunately, some of these folks have bombarded Amy's posts with comments about how she and Chris shouldn't vacation together without being married.

Hopefully, her explanation about how seriously she takes marriage as a commitment will ease some of those ruffled feathers.

Amy's not going to get married just so that she can get laid without annoying some of her fans.

It's a serious commitment to her, and we should all respect her and her relationship.

She'll marry if and when she chooses.

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