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On Tuesday, we reported that Britney Spears’ mother is eyeing her daughter’s conservatorship.

For the first time in over a decade, she’s getting involved in the legal order that gives 

Now, we’re learning why she wants a part in guiding her daughter — and that Britney’s dad is pissed at the interference.

Lynne Spears
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As we previously reported, Lynne Spears has filed notice that she will attend an upcoming hearing on Britney’s conservatorship.

The conservatorship has been in place for 11 years, and Britney’s father, Jamie, largely has control.

Though Britney is a 37-year-old adult, she has to obtain her father’s permission for a number of professional and financial decisions.

Lynne and Jamie have been separated for years.

Until she filed her notice on Monday, she had never appeared interested in interfering with the conservatorship.

Britney Spears on Insta
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TMZ reports that Lynne doesn’t just hold a passing interest in how the conservatorship is going.

She has hired her own attorney to ask the court to include her in Britney’s treatment plan.

The report notes that Lynne is not vying for involvement in the conservatorship, but that she wants to be involved with this particular issue.

TMZ also makes it clear that Jamie and Lynne have very different ideas about how Britney should proceed, moving forward.

Lynne’s lawyer will argue that it is in Britney’s best interest that her mother have a voice in these decisions.

Britney Spears, Dad
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Jamie Spears has managed Britney since the conservatorship was first granted.

It was initially only supposed to last for a weekend. Then, it was made permanent.

TMZ heard from a source that Jamie is still concerned with Britney’s decision-making while doctors try to find the right combination of meds for her.

"Britney is making bad decisions and it’s a problem," an insider claimed.

It sounds like Jamie and Lynne have very different ideas about how to approach this.

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Jamie is apparently convinced that rigid structure will help Britney during this difficult time.

In addition to transitioning to a new medication, she’s also grappling with her father’s recent health crisis.

Lynne apparently thinks that Britney is old enough to make more of her own decisions, particularly regarding her health treatment.

There may be some real wisdom in that.

People who are never allowed to make choices for themselves can struggle to make those decisions later on.

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But apparently, Jamie thinks that Lynne’s attitudes are too "permissive."

TMZ says that Jamie thinks that Lynne is too focused on Britney liking her than on acting in her best interests.

All of this comes on the heels of Britney’s 30-day treatment in a mental health facility.

Fans spread rumors that Britney had been locked away against her will on her father’s orders.

Britney herself had to make a video assuring her devoted fans that "all is well."

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When it comes to someone as famous and beloved as Britney, the truth can be difficult to ascertain.

Just because someone in her father’s orbit believes that she’s making poor decisions doesn’t mean that it’s true, after all.

What we know about Britney is that she’s talented, successful, kind, and that she’s a first-rate supermom.

It sounds like Lynne hopes that Britney can have a chance to be her own person, or at least manage some aspects of her own health.

Again, she’s not even challenging the conservatorship — just trying to advocate for her daughter.