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Folks, Beast Mode Day is almost upon us.

Now that we know exactly when Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette will premiere, we can officially begin the countdown until May 13.

(Feel free to check out Bachelorette spoilers for Hannah’s season if you really can’t wait for the scoop until then.) 

Hannah Brown: Out Standing In Her Field
Photo via Instagram

Filming is still ongoing, so what’s in store for the former Miss Alabama is anyone’s guess.

Fortunately, ABC has decided to whet our appetites with some pics that hint at what’s in store as the woman formerly known as Hannah B. begins her hunt for Mr. Right.

Boston Beast Mode
Photo via Instagram

It’s fitting that she wound up on an NBA court, because from the looks of these pics, Hannah’s done more traveling than Giannis Antetokounmpo in the playoffs.

Yes, for reasons that no one quite understands, both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette send the shows’ stars and finalists all over the freakin’ globe during the last half of each season.

We’re sure it’s wildly expensive, and it really does nothing to increase our enjoyment of the show (we’re in it for the drama, not the panoramic shots of Croatia), and doesn’t stop The Bachelorette spoilers from leaking out.

Alas, it looks like the custom won’t be going away anytime soon.

Traveling Hannah
Photo via Instagram

So where is Hannah headed, exactly?

Well, we’re not really sure, as ABC didn’t provide any locations to go along with the pics, but some of these photos have a very European vibe, wouldn’t you say?

We do know that Hannah spent some time in the UK recently.

Between that trip and Boston, she’s probably had just about enough of drunk dudes spilling Guinness on her shoes as they blather about the superiority of their local sports teams.

Sad Hannah
Photo via Instagram

Of course, everybody is much less interested in where Hannah will end up than in who she’ll end up with.

For obvious reasons, ABC is doing its best to keep that information under wraps.

(Though like we said, spoilers abound.)

All we know for sure so far is that Hannah won’t be engaging in any of the fence-hopping drama that made Colton’s season such a bumpy ride.

Hannah Brown With Chris Harrison
Photo via Instagram

"It’s all smiles so far," says host Chris Harrison, seen here posing with Hannah on the night she first met the 32 men who would go on to compete for her affection.

That’s good news for Hannah – maybe not such great news for fans who like their reality TV with a dose of high drama.

But we don’t think there’s any risk of a boring season ahead.

From the very start, Hannah has been considered something of a – let’s say quirky – casting choice, and we’re sure it won’t be long before she entertains us all by entering Beast Mode.