Little People, Big World Recap: It's a Roloff Milestone!!!!!

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With the departure of his brother from Little People, Big World following last season, Zach Roloff has taken center stage over the first few episodes of this brand new season.

Never more so was this the case than on Tuesday night.

Jackson is Walking

The veteran reality star had one reason to smile on the latest installment of the TLC reality series and another to frown.

Let's start with the latter, shall we? Let's get the negative out of the way before concluding on a positive note...

As has been made evident thus far this season, a major focus for the Roloffs will be the future of their family farm.

Patriarch Matt seems intent on moving on with his life, having purchased a part-time home in Arizona and having settled into a serious relationship with Caryn Chandler.

Matriarch Amy is in a serious romance of her own (with polarizing boyfriend Chris Marek), possibly getting engaged any day now and also maybe ready to sell the farm and move elsewhere.

Confess, Zach Roloff

This is an open topic of discussion among the Roloffs, but Zach admitted on Tuesday's episode that the debate over the farm and the back-and-forth between his parents can simply be too much to handle at times.

"The farm has drama attached to it, and my mom and dad are drama," he told the camera, adding:

"I've learned that as I get older, it can be very emotionally draining to get wrapped up in their roller coaster."

For the most part, Amy and Matt have gotten along very well in the three-plus years since their divorce.

Each has found love with someone new and both continue to work together in relative harmony.

But tension has clearly been mounting of late.

Matt and Amy Talk the Farm

"I kind of stay out of my mom and dad's thought processes with the farm," Zach added last night. "I don't wanna get caught in the middle of it. It's their deal."

Earlier this season, the 28-year-old admitted that he would be sad to see the farm go, if it comes to that; it's where he was raised and where he spends so much time with his son, Jackson.

"I love my dad, but my dad doesn't feel like the family appreciates it," Zach said of his feelings on selling the plot of land.

"We don't feel like he includes us. It's his way or the highway. So, it's been like a sour point too between the family."

Thankfully, Zach has his own immediate family to distract him -- and it provided him with a precious milestone on this very same episode...

Tori and Zach Roloff on Jackson's Birthday


“We kind of want to set it up as a safe area by moving our furniture and practicing with him,” Tori Roloff explained of why she set up a safe space in the middle of her living room for her child.

"He's almost there. He doesn't have the confidence yet, so once he thinks, 'Oh, I'm gonna do it this time,' he starts going, then he freaks out and sits down."

It's a special occasion any time any baby takes his or her first steps, of course.

But this was extra special for Zach and Tori because Jackson is a dwarf and there was a strong possibility he would fall behind a bit phsyically.

Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff, and Jackson Roloff Wrap Filming on Season 14

“Jackson is way ahead of where I was at this time,” Zach said after his son ambled across the carpet on his own.

“Jackson’s just like a completely different baby than I was. It’s so fun seeing your kid advance and learn something new.”

Every parent around the world just nodded in agreement.

"It's exciting to see him excel and see him do well," Tori echoed. “Jackson is killing it, being a dwarf and everything. He’s just doing his thing, developing along nicely and hitting all of his milestones."

That really is so very exciting.

Click on the video below to watch Little People, Big World online and see this milestone for yourself:

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