Jonathan Rivera vs Fernanda Flores: 90 Day Fiance Exes Feud on Instagram

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90 Day Fiance fans have known for weeks that Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores are over.

The couple remain married, but it has been about one month since they actually spoke to each other.

Now, they're trading barbs on social media, each accusing the other of dooming their union.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera, Love

"She knows what happened," Jonathan affirms in an Instagram comment after a fan accused him of giving up on his marriage too easily.

"There is a piece of me that is gone," he writes. "That I will never get back."

It sounds like Jonathan feels that he was robbed -- emotionally.

"I respect myself first," he writes.

Jonathan's comment concludes: "Life is full of tough decisions."

Jonathan Rivera defends ending marriage 90 Day Fiance

Fernanda speaks very well in English, but she was clearly feeling heated as she wrote this reply, so we translated a couple of her phrases.

"I remember being in the relationship," Fernanda counters. "I know exactly what happened."

"I recognized my mistakes," she continues. "I said sorry."

"I also remember the real reasons why 'I left," she continues. "And it wasn't the reasons you tell people."

That's interesting, to say the least.

Fernanda Flores defends herself 90 Day Fiance

"The real reason," Fernanda insists. "Is that you're hiding from yourself."

"Because," she adds. "You want to believe your own lies

"And," she continues. "Don't want to take responsibility."

She accuses Jonathan of wanting to "be the good one" in the break-up.

"There is a piece of you that is gone?" She asks. "Yeah. It's called reality."

Oh wow!

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores

"I didn't want to say anything on social media," Fernanda admit.

"But," she says. "It is the only thing that matters to you."

"You ignore my messages," she accuses her husband.

"But I'm pretty sure that you're not going to ignore this comment on your Instagram," she predicts.

Fernanda's comment concludes: "I hope that your fame lasts forever."

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores Dance

"Who likes to hear the truth?" Fernanda asks, sharing these images on Twitter.

"First time that I say something. I got blocked!" she concludes. "Very mature."

On multiple levels, this is all very sad.

Out of all of this season's couples, Jonathan and Fernanda had seemed to have it together.

They overcame an age gap and Fernanda's feelings of isolation and got married.

And then ... it all went away.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera

Until now, Jonathan and Fernanda had mostly -- mostly -- avoided taking aim at each other.

True, Jonathan had said that Fernanda grew bored of where they lived and wanted to be a model in a major city.

But he has also been very firm about shooting down claims that Fernanda was a golddigger or that she simply wanted a green card.

What she wanted was Jonathan and their life together.

They appear to have had some sort of disagreement and, whatever was said, Jonathan has made it clear that he is unwilling to forgive her.

The two remain married, though estranged, though Jonathan has spoken to an attorney.

When compared with the horror show that some of the other couples from their season put on, their marriage still went pretty well.

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