90 Day Fiance Couple Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores: It's Over!

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Of all of this season's couples, one of the few that seemed to really get it together was Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores.

They overcame an age gap, homesickness, and jealousy issues and ended up getting married on 90 Day Fiance.

Sadly, just days ago, they split -- and are now taking shots at each other on social media.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera, Love

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores were one of the couples to root for on this season of 90 Day Fiance.

Sure, they had an age gap that raised some eyebrows at first (including ours).

But it looked like they'd overcome everything to be together.

A man going on vacation and meeting a beautiful woman and then extending his vacation to spend more time with her is the stuff of romance movies.

Now, the two appear to have broken up, right around New Year's Eve.

Jonathan Rivera explains 90 Day Fiance split on Instagram 01

Jonathan wrote about welcoming 2019 with his family -- and Fernanda was nowhere to be found.

And then there were his replies on Instagram:

"No she's in Houston," he told one follower. "She wanted to pursue a modeling career in Chicago."

He then accuses that Fernanda "decided to leave and realized she couldn't do it on her own."

"She said MANY things you can't take back that I won't mention," he says of their breakup.

He signs off: "you'll have to trust me when I tell you, good luck."

Jonathan Rivera explains 90 Day Fiance split on Instagram 02

"Well everything we had was real," he told another follower.

"Eventually she hated where we lived," Jonathan shares. "I tried many time to give her everything she ever wanted but it wasn't enough."

"She decided to leave..left me on the airplane in Chicago amongst many other things," he says.

"I decided to spend the rest of the time with my family," Jonathan shares.

He then claims: "When she realized her lifestyle was going to be different she wanted to apologize and asked me to forgive her."

In terms of whether or not he has forgiven her, Jonathan says: "I haven't."

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores Dance

He is not the only one addressing the split on social media.

"I don't want to talk about anything about Jonathan again," Fernanda told her followers on Instagram Live.

For your convenience, we have included that video in this post.

"He's talking a lot," Fernanda acknowledges. "He can say whatever he wants."

For her part, she shares: "I'm not going to talk about it until I'm ready."

"And today," Fernanda continues. "And right now ... is not the moment."

It does appear that, despite her smile in the video, she is a little overcome with sadness as she says this.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera

Fernanda has shared a multitude of modeling photos during the past several months of her relationship.

She is great at it.

But, as Russ and Paola Mayfield discovered before them, modeling and marriage are not mutually exclusive.

It sounds like Jonathan was supportive of Fernanda's interests, but their age gap could be a factor.

Fernanda is younger and perhaps more emotional, while Jonathan may not be in touch with her personal and social needs.

Also, Jonathan is from Lumberton, NC -- a town of 21,040 people as of 2017.

His standards for everyday life may be different than Fernanda's.

Having only 90 days together in the US may have been a struggle for them -- a struggle that has ended bitterly.

Jonathan and Fernanda

It is probably worthwhile to note that relationships existing in a spotlight can really take a toll.

That much attention on a couple's arguments and breakups can inadvertently pressure both parties to "stick to their guns" rather than reconcile.

It's hard to admit that you were wrong or overreacted when thousands of people are watching and judging you do so.

That said, there is good news.

The two are reportedly still in touch with each other. They remain legally married and neither has filed for divorce.

It sounds like they are both unhappy with the breakup, and we'll hold out hope that they'll work things out.

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