Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Which Houseguests Have the Power?

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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 got underway on Monday night, and it found 12 celebrities (if you can call most of them that!) entering the house to battle for a cash prize. 

There was a Real Housewife (Kandi Burruss), Lindsay Lohan's mother (Dina Lohan), Anthony Scaramucci, and even that loser Ryan Lochte. 

Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett

Yeah, we think it's fair to say CBS scraped the bottom of the barrel with most of these options, and most viewers will be looking at this edition as a bonus winter season featuring regular houseguests. 

There wasn't much in the way of action during this opening installment, but we'll run down some of the highlights for you. 

Tamar Braxton and Kandi had some beef before entering the house, and it was evident based on the confessionals that there were still some negative feelings between them. 

Tamar opted to kill Kandi with kindness by offering to work as a pair with her during the first HOH competition. Whether these two will be able to play nice when the heat is turned up is another story, but time will tell. 

Kandi Burruss on Celebrity Big Brother

Olympian Lolo Jones complained in the D.R. that knowing Ryan Lochte would make her an immediate target. It's not uncommon for Olympians to know each other, but we see where Lolo is coming from. 

Surely anybody would want anyone associated with Lochte out of the house. He's a freaking snake. 

Julie Chen then revealed the first twist of the season:

The houseguests would be paired up to become Celebrity Big Brother's first-ever power pairing to compete for the HOH competition. 

Ryan was drawn to go first, and he picked Jonathan to work with him. Next, Tamar chose Kandi for her pair. Then we’ve got Joey and Ricky. Lolo and Tom. Dina and Anthony.

Tom Green and Lolo Jones

That left Kato and Natalie wondering about whether they were about to be sent to the block without getting a chance to fight for safety. 

With that, Julie revealed the two left out of the competition were safe from the block during the first nominations ceremony. 

The houseguests then worked in their pairs to try and fill up champagne glasses. Ryan and Jonathan had an immediate lead, but by the end, they were neck in neck with Lolo and Tom. 

In a tense standoff, Ryan and Jonathan won. Their victory was short-lived, however, when Julie announced the pair would be facing off against each other on the next episode. 

Jonathan Bennett on Celebrity Big Brother

The winner would be the first HOH, and the other would find themselves as the first nominee. 


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Part two of the HOH competition will play out on Tuesday at 8/7c. 

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