Paris Jackson: Breaking Down Over New Michael Jackson Documentary?

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In the wake of the shocking Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, there's been a renewed interest in past sex crimes committed by the music world's most powerful men.

Now, as the recording industry comes to grips with its own #MeToo movement, fans and critics alike are bracing for a documentary that promises to shed new light on the child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson.

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If Leaving Neverland is as effective as Surviving R. Kelly, then it's sure to leave little doubt about Jackson's guilt and foster profound sympathy for the singer's victims.

The film may prove to be a powerful force for justice as well as a healing source of catharsis for Jackson's victims.

But it's likely to cause considerable pain to Jackson's family -- particularly his three children, who have long maintained their father's innocence.

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Last week, Michael's only daughter, Paris Jackson, checked into rehab citing mental health issues as the cause.

The situation is being handled with the utmost care, as the 20-year-old's emotional breakdowns have taken her to some very dark places in the past.

In 2013, Paris attempted suicide and has fallen into several frightening downward spirals in the years since.

So naturally, there's profound concern among the Jacksons regarding how Paris will cope with the revelations contained in Leaving Neverland.

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“The family is absolutely horrified by this, especially during a time when Paris is so fragile,” a source tells Radar Online.

Part of the problem, it seems, is that while Paris has always publicly defended her father, privately, she's long harbored doubts about his innocence.

“Paris is so vocal about this, but it is so painful for her because she remembers her father hanging out with young boys," the insider says.

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"She always thought it was strange, which is why this really hits her hard."

Despite her misgivings, however, those closest to Paris say she's consistently been able to suppress her doubts and argue in favor of her father's innocence.

“She believes her father never did these things and doesn’t understand why they keep trying to bring this back,” the source claims.

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As for how her family will handle the fallout from the documentary, it seems that for the time being at least, they've decided the best option is simply to keep Paris in the dark.

“They won’t even let her see it," says the source.

"This is something that could send her to the grave."

Our thoughts go out to everyone who will be forced to confront new truths or painful memories when the film makes its debut.

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