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90 Day Fiance aired part one of its Tell All special on Sunday night, where Jay claimed his cheating was just an accident.

But the story of his failed marriage to Ashley was just one piece of the puzzle.

Last week, we described Larissa as this season’s primary antagonist. We weren’t wrong.

90 Day Fiance Season 6 Tell All Special
Photo via TLC

Colt and Larissa were very late arriving on stage, ostensibly because Larissa had to have the perfect look and outfit for her face-off with Fernanda.

"Fernanda is jealous of me because she’s ugly and I’m beautiful," Larissa announces.

That is either a very funny joke or the statement of someone who is totally divorced from reality.

"I know that I look sexier than Fernanda," Larissa claims. "So I’m feeling ready to do war."

The two had feuded on Instagram following Larissa’s arrest for domestic battery.

That feud continued at the Tell All, with Larissa yelling for Fernanda to "shut upee."

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Wedding Reception
Photo via Instagram

Colt then wades into the feud, asking Fernanda what her problem with them could possibly be.

"Just because you are youngee, you don’t have any charisma," Larissa accused. "And nobody cares about you."

This quickly devolved into a one-sided screaming match with Larissa yelling that no one cares about Fernanda.

Eventually, Colt called Jonathan "pathetic" for "paying for a 16-year-old bride."

Fernanda is 19, for the record. She’s young but she’s an adult.

Colt was addressing Jon having bought Fernanda a car, an apartment, a boob job, and more.

Colt and Larissa in the Cold
Photo via Instagram

Coming from Colt, Jonathan found that insult pretty rich.

"What’s pathetic?" Jon asks. "You live at home with your mother."

Colt was on thin ice to begin with. He famously does not have air conditioning in his car, despite living in Vegas.

Some wondered if he envied Jon’s success, looks, and his dramatic but non-violent wife.

Eventually, Larissa’s nonstop yelling frustrated everyone, and they began to depart the stage.

(We don’t know how much of this was improvised and how much was planned out by TLC)

We’re sure to see that blow-up fight followed up next week.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, 90 Day Fiance Tell All Special
Photo via TLC

Ashley and Jay were in a complicated place.

She caught Jay video chatting with another woman just days after their wedding.

He had downloaded Tinder right after the ceremony, which is … absolutely not okay.

Up to a point, they seem to agree that, if they’d had more time, they would have just lived together for longer before tying the knot.

But Ashley wasn’t going to let Jay off so easily.

"You should be thankful that you had 90 days," she told him. "Because it took you 93 to screw up."

"You don’t invite a woman over to my house while I’m bartending at night," Ashley admonished.

Ashley Martson is Done With Jay Smith

We would remind everyone that the 90 day limitation is imposed by the US government on K1 visas, and is not an invention of TLC.

Ashley does admit that, despite her frustration, she doesn’t yet have plans to file for a change of status.

Why? Because that would banish Jay to Jamaica. It’s a very permanent decision.

But she’s not just going to keep him in the US indefinitely out of the goodness of her heart without living her life, either.

"I’m not going to be responsible for him for 10 years,” Ashley warns. “I have a life. I have a home. I have a car. I have kids."

Ashley concludes: "I’m not willing to risk any of that for someone that doesn’t even respect me."

Leida and Eric
Photo via TLC

When the conversation turned to Leida and Eric, Leida made it very clear that she has regrets.

Fans did not like it when she admonished Eric for paying child support.

"It’s almost like she’s saying she doesn’t want him paying for his own child because she wants him to pay for hers," Kalani observes.

Kalani continues: "It’s almost like you’re picking someone else’s child over your own child."

Fans excoriated Leida on social media. Some took it too far, even sending death threats.

(Please do not do that!)

Eric and a Disappointed Leida
Photo via TLC

Others 90 Day Fiance fans took a more moderate approach to responding to Leida’s terrible behavior.

They instead messaged companies that usually seek product endorsements from 90 Day Fiance stars.

Fans cautioned these brands that an endorsement from Leida was no endorsement at all, and cited her terrible behavior.

That is likely a major factor in why Leida used the Tell All to prostrate herself before viewers.

"I was a selfish bitch,” Leida admits. “I’m mad at myself like, ‘How could you be so stupid like that?’… I’m feeling regret right now."

Hey, better late than never.

Olga and Steven Frend and Their Baby
Photo via Instagram

Ugh, now we have to talk about Steven and Olga.

They are such a likeable couple on social media, but perhaps that is because, in pictures, Steven cannot speak.

Olga couldn’t even be in the US for the filming of the Tell All because Steven was late filing for her K1 visa, which is not a great sign.

Instead, she was there via video conference.

Obviously, one of the most important things on which Steven was challenged was the inexcusable way that he spoke to Olga after she gave birth.

"I don’t know her as a person,” Steven claimed. “When I was in Russia, she was not who she was during the summertime."

He also explained that he had delayed filing Olga’s visa because he needed to get steady employment and a place of his own first.

Kalani and Asuelu and Their Baby
Photo via Instagram

Kalani laid into Asuelu for not providing sufficiently for their son.

She cites how her sister, Kolini, was more of a "dad" to baby Oliver than Asuelu.

As viewers may recall, in the months before Asuelu came to America, Kolini was one of the baby’s primary caregivers.

Asuelu did not send Kalani any kind of financial support. As Kalani stated on camera, he os Samoan but he was not paid in coconuts.

Asuelu cried about wanting to be with Kalani, of course.

(I’m all for men expressing their emotions, but I’m also glad to see that Asuelu’s tears are a meme enjoyed by people who’ve never even seen 90 Day Fiance)

He also explains that he, like so many, imagines America to be a land of such bounty and prosperity that his support was not needed.

The lesson here is that couples need to communicate. Like adults.

Also, we would just like to point out that between Asuelu’s shirt and Kalani’s dress, they were definitely the best dressed couple.

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores Dance
Photo via Instagram

Finally, Jonathan and Fernanda discussed their issues.

Though we know that Jon and Fernanda split around New Year’s, for the Tell All, they were still together.

Referencing times that Fernanda had lost her temper, Jon explains that she’s young and passionate, and even accused her of being insecure.

She didn’t love that.

Part of it is isolation — Jon is the only person she really knows in America, so when he goes out and doesn’t answer his phone, she feels cut off.

But part of it is that she needs to keep her feelings in check. Feeling sad is okay. Throwing things is not.

That couple’s friction melted away when Larissa walked onto the stage, and they presented a united front against her.