90 Day Fiance Couples: Are They Still Together?

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90 Day Fiance is one of those shows that sounds like it could be full of amazing love stories or just a total trainwreck.

Amazingly, the show manages to be both ... which is why people can't stop watching.

Sometimes, you see couples like Kirlyam and Alan Cox, who met despite being from different continents but found love and happiness, got married, and are growing their families.

Then you have more ... infamous couples.

Couples like Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali, who seemed to be trying to out-scam each other but even those schemes devolved into mutual loathing.

A lot of the couples fall into the middle somewhere. Some are a little weird, some seem like soulmates.

Any marriage can go right or wrong, and becoming reality stars during your engagement adds an extra special twist to that.

Honestly, you might be shocked at how many of these couples are still together. And which ones aren't.




1. Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera
Fernanda and Jonathan met while Jon was clubbing on vacation. He ended up extending that vacation. Despite an age gap, some homesickness, and a lot of doubts, the two tied the knot. Unfortunately, the couple split around New Year's Eve after getting into an argument, and Jonathan says that Fernanda said some things to him that he is unwilling to forgive.

2. Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima
Colt is from Las Vegas and Larissa is from Brazil. Over the course of their seven-month marriage, Larissa was arrested three times for domestic battery, though her friend Carmen says that she has seen evidence that Larissa was the victim. It all came to an end after their final, bloody fight on January 10, 2019. Colt and Larissa are now divorced.

3. Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez

Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez
Molly and Luis broke up after a lot of arguments, an attempted reconciliation, and even the implication that Molly was abusive. Luis remarried to a mystery woman just four months after his divorce was finalized. Molly and Luis both claim that the other was using them.

4. Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava

Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava
Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava ran into trouble when Anfisa learned that Jorge was in debt and less able to spoil her. Despite arguments and even a breakup, they decided to stay married. Jorge is currently serving a 2-year sentence behind bars, but so far, Anfisa has resolved to remain his wife -- and to channel her loneliness into body-building.

5. Kirlyam and Alan Cox

Kirlyam and Alan Cox
Kirlyam's family couldn't even make it to the wedding and had to watch a livestream, but she and Alan Cox are adorably in love and enjoy nerding out together. Their first child, a boy named Liam, was born on October 6th, 2017!

6. Paola and Russ Mayfield

Paola and Russ Mayfield
This couple's biggest problem? Paola is a model, and Russ is super uncomfortable. Also, Russ is from Oklahoma, which is not quite the modeling capitol of the world. Despite some serious disagreements, Russ and Paola are still married. On January 1, 2019, they welcomed their first child, Axel. Awww!

7. Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins

Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins
Mohamed accused Danielle of having foul body odor and of misusing his credit card and identity. Danielle accused Mohamed of refusing to have sex with her and of cheating. Not only is this couple not together, but they can't stand each other. Oh, and Danielle has been working to have him deported. Out of spite.

8. Ashley and Jay

Ashley and Jay
Even before Jay left Jamaica, Ashley was warned that he was cheating on her and that he would continue to do so. Sure enough, he he cheated on her just days after their wedding. Ashley forgave him -- because she caught him before he could *physically* cheat. They stayed married until April of 2019, almost a year later, when Ashley filed for divorce. Once a cheater, usually always a cheater.

9. Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou
Some early surprises and some not-so-great finances threw a wrench into Nicole and Azan's plans to get married, but these two are currently in a long-term relationship. You can tell that it's serious because he's bonded with her daughter, even though Nicole lied to her family by claiming to have given Azan money to open a shop in Morocco.

10. Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro
Even after a violent brawl erupted between Pedro and Chantel's family, Chantel and Pedro are still together -- in fact, in 2019, they landed their very own 90 Day Fiance spinoff, titled: The Family Chantel.

11. Aleksandra and Josh

Aleksandra and Josh
No longer a party girl, Aleksandra adopted Josh's religious way of life and the two settled down and even had a baby. The baby's skin tone looked darker than either parent's, which caused some social media trolls to try to portray Aleksandra as a cheater -- so she quit social media. The couple's still together, though. That's what matters.

12. Noon and Kyle

Noon and Kyle
Noon's real name is Bajaree Boonma, but she goes by "Noon" as apparently her real name is "too hard," which is sad. Kyle was a consummate bachelor and came across as a little dumb when the two met, but the couple had basically zero drama. As of late 2018, they're still married.

13. Steven and Olga

Steven and Olga
Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova had a rough time at first, between Steven's rudeness (there's no nice way to phrase that, sorry) and the delay in bringing Olga to the US. But Steven and Olga are still together, even if it took Olga and their son, Alex, longer to get to the US than Steven had promised.

14. Nikki and Mark

Nikki and Mark
Can you spot the difference between these two? Because Nikki being from the Phillipines is way less of a big deal than Mark being 58 while she's 19. Mark even admitted on the show that Nikki is probably young enough to be his granddaughter. They seem to be still together, but Mark wasn't happy with his portrayal on the show and decided to sue TLC.

15. Melanie Bowers and Devar Walters

Melanie Bowers and Devar Walters
Melanie met Devar while on a trip to Jamaica, before the 90 days of 90 Day Fiance ever began. Melanie's family wasn't sure what to make of him, but clearly that wasn't a dealbreaker because the two of them are still together -- and welcomed a child in 2017!

16. Loren and Alexei Brovarnik

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik
Loren and Alexei got married in Israel. However, it took a long time for them to get Alex's K-1 visa. Loren felt that some couples on 90 Day Fiance didn't deserve to be together and made a mockery of the K-1 visa process that she felt was designed for people like her and Alex, who are truly in love. Yes, they're absolutely still together.

17. Chelsea and Yamir

Chelsea and Yamir
Everything looked good for Chelsea and Yamir after Chelsea met Yamir in Nicaragua and the two decided to get hitched. It wasn't meant to last, however. Though they did get married, the couple filed for divorce in 2017. Still, it sounds like they're on relatively good terms.

18. Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani and Asuelu
Kalani and Asuelu are still together. Not only were they brought together by their first child, but they soon announced that a second was on the way. They really love each other! That and, Kalani explains, Asuelu thinks that condoms are for "slut people." Hmmm.

19. Aya and Louis

Aya and Louis
Louis would have been happy to live in the Phillipines with Aya, but for the sake of his young children, the couple lives in the US. The couple decided to stop doing the show, but they are still married. In February of 2018, they announced the birth of their child.

20. Alla and Matt

Alla and Matt
It's kind of strange to think of a couple bonding and getting married over both having gotten divorced, but hey, stranger unions have come about. Matt's been divorced three times, so he says that that's how he KNOWS that Alla is the perfect woman for him. They are still together.

21. Aziza and Mike

Aziza and Mike
These two met online -- not on a dating website, but on a site for learning other languages. Friendly chatting turned into something else. Aziza came to Chicago to marry Mike. Aziza is a little bossy, but that's clearly not a dealbreaker -- because they're still together. In fact, they announced in 2018 that they are expecting their first child.

22. Aika and Josh

Aika and Josh
These two ran into a rough patch when Josh was less than eager to reverse his vasectomy. Despite that, they did get married and are still together.

23. David and Annie

David and Annie
These two got married, even though David has a host of financial troubles and is twice Annie's age. Since their nuptials, they have had other problems, including losing their home.

24. Evelyn and David

Evelyn and David
This couple allegedly met online when David was 27 and Evelyn was only 18, though some believe that there's evidence that they started talking years earlier, when she was only 15. Either way, David appealed to Evelyn's conservative Christian values. The two are currently married and living in New Hampshire.

25. Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei
Despite cultural differences between Elizabeth's family and Andrei's expectations from Moldova, the two got married and announced that they are expecting the birth of their first child.

26. Cassia Tavares and Jason Hitch

Cassia Tavares and Jason Hitch
After multiple attempts to make it work, the two have divorced. Cassia has revealed that after multiple incidents of alleged violence, one of which resulted in police being called, she can no longer view Jason in the same light as she once did.

27. Narkyia and Olulowo

Narkyia and Olulowo
Narkyia and Olulowo are still married, but they had endless drama before their wedding day, including a breakup after Olulowo was caught lying about a previous relationship.

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