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90 Day Fiance fans can expect to see a lot of drama on the show’s Tell All special, beginning this Sunday.

As you can see in the video that we have included, Jay Smith’s cheating scandal is a topic of interest.

While trying to explain it away, Jay utters what may be the funniest line to ever air on this franchise. Watch it for yourself:

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Ashley caught Jay FaceTiming another woman just days after their wedding, and learned that he had downloaded Tinder right after the nuptials.

At the beginning of this sneak peek clip, Fernanda Flores asks her castmate Jay what the actual hell he was thinking.

"It was just a mistake," Jay protests.

It would have to be a series of coincidences worthy of Final Destination for Jay to accidentally cheat on Ashley.

Still, Jay insists: "I wasn’t going to have no one come over to the house."

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Fernanda points out: "You’d just married the person whom you’re supposed to love."

"Right," Ashley chimes in. "So what happens when you’re at your ‘seven-year itch,’ when you’re having trouble. Then what do you do?"

Cheat, most likely. Most don’t cheat during the honeymoon phase, however.

Jay is rare in that regard.

"If this is what you do three days after you got married, what do you do when you actually are having troubles in your marriage?" Ashley asks.

"Because as far as I was concerned," Ashley states. "We weren’t having any issues."

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If Jay were to say that he was trying to sabotage his relationship because he’d gotten cold feet … it would be something.

It souldn’t be an excuse, but it would at least have been an explanation.

Jay instead continues to act as if he made a simple mistake, like forgetting a birthday.

"It was just a misunderstanding," Jay insists.


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From what Jay says here, it sounds like he was perfectly happy with Ashley.

"And I wish I could go back and fix it," he expresses.

"I would do any f–king thing just to fix it," Jay claims.

Ashley is, understandably, not feeling sympathetic.

"You f—ked up. Take it on the chin. Simple," Ashley says.

She concludes: "Just don’t even try to defend yourself because you sound like an idiot."

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Jay then tries to blame Ashley spending time on her phone, and laments that he hadn’t realized that women would be sending him irresistible messages.

Unbelievably, Jay still isn’t done trying to defend himself.

In the process, he utters one of 90 Day Fiance‘s funniest lines, ever.

"Listen," Jay insists. "It said, ‘Tinder, meet friends.’"

That is . . . objectively funny, though we absolutely understand why Ashley was less entertained.

Jay continues: "I never knew that people were going to message me."

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Ashley doesn’t have time for that.

"You’re full of s–t," Ashley tells him. "You knew exactly what Tinder was."

We are very much inclined to agree.

Not only is Tinder not exclusive to the United States, but Jay had been in America for months at this point.

He knew what he was doing.

He’s just sorry that he got caught.

But hey, that’s more than we can say for Colt Johnson.