Colton Underwood: There's More to Me Than My Virginity!

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Those of you who are following The Bachelor Spoilers already knowt he twists and turns at the end of this season.

But no matter how much you know, everyone is talking about Colton Underwood's status as a virgin.

Some fans worry that this season won't be about anything else, but Colton himself has something to say about that.

Colton Underwood, 40 Year Old Virgin Tribute Poster

After ABC doubled down on Colton's virginity by parodying the poster for The 40-Year-Old Virgin, fans started to worry.

Some took to social media to vocalize their concern that this coming season is going to be all V-Card, all of the time.

"Have a feeling this whole season is just gonna be about your virginity," one citizen of the Bachelor Nation tweeted.

"False," Colton replied, quoting the tweet.

That's a little confrontational. A simple don't worry would suffice.

But Colton had more to say.

Colton Underwood tweets about his season

Virginity may not be the only topic, but he confirms that it will absolutely come up.

"Of course it will be mentioned time to time," Colton acknowledged.

He says that it's a topic of conversation "because it’s a part of who I am."

Interesting -- not everyone would phrase virginity as part of their identity so much as part of their story.

"As a whole," Colton promises. "You’ll actually get a full sense of who I am."

He concludes: "See you on Jan 7."

Colton Underwood Cradles a Puppy

Colton made quite a splash with his stunning announcement on The Bachelorette.

In an emotional moment, Colton revealed to Becca Kufrin that he has never taken anyone to pound town.

The Bachelor Nation reaction was a little polarized.

Some ridiculed him, which is never appropriate -- whether someone has had one-thousand sexual partners or zero.

Others pitied him, wondering if there was some underlying "problem" with him.

(As he has explained, despite his celebrity status and jaw-dropping physique, his sports career kept him from dating ... and that was just one factor)

And then, of course, there were the people who think he's just lying to stay interesting.

Colton Underwood on Kimmel

Colton may have promised that his inexperience with boning is just one aspect of who he is.

But promos for his season cannot seem to resist bringing it up.

Of particular interest is the Fantasy Suites.

It's not that people have to bang -- and it's probably true that most couples on the show use the suites to speak earnestly, away from cameras.

Chris Harrison has discussed Colton's season of The Bachelor, and he delved into the subject.

"One of the great things about the fantasy suite and the over night dates is it's always this kind of moral dilemma," Chris says. "And question for who you are,"

That's a little dramatic, but sure.

Colton Underwood Cries in Paradise

"Whether you're the Bachelorette, Bachelor you know, what do you do with that time?" Chris asks rhetorically.

Whatever both parties agree to do, really.

"Do you just go in there and talk?" Chris continues. "Do you just go in there and do whatever you want to do?"

Chris notes the stakes: "It's that time you get off camera."

On the one hand, two people can talk.

Oh the other, they can avoid running the risk of getting engaged before learning that they are not sexually compatible.

"So yeah," Chris says. "There obviously are conversations that need to be had, because Colton has been very vocal about the fact that he is a virgin,"

Colton Underwood with a Pen

"So how does that affect the relationship?" Chris asks. "How do the women handle it? How does he handle it?"

At this point, he sounds like he's pitching Colton to the network as much as it sounds like he's promoting the show.

"But what I'm really excited [about] is diving into that this season," Chris admits.

He concludes: "And going beyond this, 'oh he's the virgin,' and it's kind of this funny topic, and it's not."

He's right. Personal sexual decisions, even those that are shared, do not need to be shamed or ridiculed.

Perhaps some viewers will find this season educational about gender role expectations and personal agency.

Or not. We'll find out.

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