Chris Harrison: Colton Underwood is Gonna Cry a Lot on The Bachelor

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If you follow The Bachelor Spoilers, you already know how this season ends.

But Colton Underwood's choice is only part of the picture. We're eager to see how all of this plays out.

According to Chris Harrison, there are going to be a lot of tears. Colton's tears.

Chris Harrison Speaks to Nina Parker

Chris Harrison spoke to E! News correspondent Nina Parker, who is frankly my new favorite person at E!

As you can see in the video that we've included, Chris doesn't hold back too much when it comes to discussing Colton.

After Parker calls him out on hyping up every season the same way, she then demands that he tell her "the real tea."

After reminding viewers that the premiere is January 7, Chris then shares what has him pumped for this season.

"Colton ... I'm excited for everyone to see who he really is," Chris says.

That sentence could have an ominous meaning, but Chris then provides further details on what the Bachelor Nation can expect.

Colton Underwood with a Pen

"I feel like I really did get to know the man this season," Chris admits.

"Once you get to see him and know him," Chris says. "I think everyone's gonna A, fall in love with him."

"And B," Chris continues. "Really respect the fact that he is so open, so vulnerable, so emotional."

Fans have already seen Colton's tears on Bachelor in Paradise and in teaser trailers for The Bachelor.

It looks like there's a lot more to come.

Colton Underwood Cries in Paradise

It doesn't sound like sadness will be the only emotion that Colton evokes, however.

"It's a pretty gut-wrenching, wild ride with him," Chris characterizes.

We have to wonder if one of those "gut-wrenching" moments is the incident in which Colton jumps over a fance and apparently wanders off.

He shares that, unlike on The Bachelorette and in Paradise, Chris got to spend enough one-on-one time to get to know the star.

"I like him," Chris says. "I respect him. He's a good man."

"And," Chris continues. "I'm really eager for everybody to get to see what I saw."

Colton Underwood on Kimmel

Naturally, there is also talk about Fantasy Suites.

Colton is famously a virgin, which really changes the dynamic in a number of ways.

Now, Colton has said that he's not dead-set on waiting until marriage, but simply until he's with the right person.

But the privacy of the Fantasy Suite means that a couple can seize the opportunity to talk without cameras ... or to get down to business.

Chris is super vague and even evasive about it, saying that it's all up to Colton.

Cameras may not be allowed into the suites, but thirsty members of the Bachelor Nation can rest assured in one piece of knowledge:

It's reported that Colton's going to spend plenty of time with his shirt off this season.

Colton Underwood Works Out Shirtless

So, you know, enjoy that.

Chris Harrison, after pivoting to Colton's virginity, ends up talking about double standards.

Under pernicious patriarchal cultural values, women are praised for remaining chaste and especially for remaining virgins.

In the mean time, men -- especially celebrity athletes like Colton -- are disparaged or viewed as strange or ridiculous for doing the same.

Speaking of systemic inequality, E! also asked Chris about when viewers will see the show's first-ever black Bachelor.

The Bachelor has been airing since 2002. The lack of a black leading man is conspicuous and frankly appalling.

Chris says that his focus is to find the right "person."

We know that he means well, if in an "I don't see color" way, but his words imply that zero black men are "right" for the role. It's absurd.

Colton Underwood Picture

Anyway, if you are excited to see drama, it sounds like this season is going to give it to you.

If you wanna see a hot, shirtless virgin athlete flirt with a lot of women and also cry a lot, this season was made with you in mind.

Chris Harrison always hypes up every season, but he really does sound particularly enthusiastic -- or at least sympathetic -- when it comes to Colton.

We're excited to see how it all plays out.

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