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Fair warning: this post contains an overload of cuteness.contained in one never-before-seen photo.

Back in September, the world was treated to the cutest Kardashian baby picture, though racist trolls targeted True.

Now, Khloe is treating the world to a picture of all five youngest Kardashian cousins all in one plce.

True Thompson in Periwinkle

Khloe isn’t letting haters hold her back from sharing this unbelievably cute image of True with her four youngest cousins.

She captioned this precious photo: "Cousin Cupcake Party!!!"

Khloe’s captions then pitch the most adorable KUWTK spinoff that we can possibly imagine — though the acronym would be the same.

"Keeping Up With The Kousins," Khloe writes.

Take a look at this photo and you’ll realize that such a spin-off would absolutely have a viewer base.

Stormi Webster, True Thompson, Chicago West, Dream Kardashian, and Saint West

Here we see Stormi Webster, True Thompson, Chicago West, Dream Kardashian, and Saint West.

We don’t doubt that Kylie, Kyloe, Kim, and Rob’s babies have been in the same place and even photographed before.

But this is the first time that we, the lowly public, have gotten to see and appreciate a pic like htis.

We know that Saint and Dream are technically toddlers at this point, not babies like their cousins who were born this year.

That said … we are very glad that these sweet little ones were included.

Chicago West, True Thompson, and Stormi Webster

Last month, the world was treated to a photo of the 2018 Kardashian babies.

Chicago, True, and Stormi took the internet by storm — but there was unfortunately some backlash.

Racist morons ridiculed True, using racist (and colorist) attacks because her skin was, in their horrible words, "too dark."

Some even dared to call True "ugly" for her darker skin.

Khloe was of course impacted by seeing that kind of hate and, for a while, she deactivated comments on Instagram.

Thankfully, True herself is way too young to see or understand that kind of hate.

We just hope that the world is a better, kinder place when True comes of age.

Khloe Kardashian Holds Beautiful Baby True

Some wonder if True bonding with her little cousins is going to complicate Khloe’s plans.

You know how Khloe was allegedly going to move back to Cleveland with Tristan?

Well, those plans are reportedly on hold.

It’s been said that Khloe knows that she can no longer trust Tristan, and that she’s leery of uprooting her life for him again.

Right now, Khloe has her family’s emotional support and physical presence — and True can grow up alongside her cousins.

If Khloe does go through with the move, it will mean leaving all of that behind.

True Thompson, Too Cute for Words

True is Khloe’s focus right now.

Reports have circulated that Tristan has been spotted with other women yet again.

To be clear, these haven’t been the damning videos and photos that the world saw last April — just two days before True’s birth.

But it’s enough to make anyone nervous — especially Khloe.

Khloe was deeply affected when her own parents divorced, and it seems clear that she does not want that for True.

But at some point, she may have to bite the bullet and leave if Tristan demonstrates that he cannot remain faithful.

True Thompson in Pastels

True is precious and innocent. She deserves the best life that her parents can give her.

That does not necessarily mean that Khloe and Tristan need to stay together.

Co-parenting is a thing, and it’s much better than growing up in a toxic household devoid of trust or fidelity.

One could even argue that True could receive much more family stability by remaining in Calabasas, where the Kardashians are thick as thieves.

Ultimately, this will be Khloe’s decision.

But little Kardashian cupcake picnics may weigh on her thoughts as she makes her choice.