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Poor Khloe Kardashian. She knows that she can never trust Tristan again, but she hasn’t found the strength to leave him yet, either.

But even though her life is stuck in limbo, she still has good company: baby True.

Khloe has shared a brand new photo of True and is gushing over her precious baby just days before True turns 6 months old.

Khloe Kardashian Holds Beautiful Baby True
Photo via Instagram

In the captions of her new photo, wich you’re about to see, Khloe pens a precious message to her daughter.

"I probably dreamt about you my entire adult life," Khloe confesses.

Khloe then boasts: "You have exceeded every expectation I had of you!"

"This is LOVE," Khloe writes in all caps.

The proud mother concludes her caption with a red hearts emoji.

True Thompson in Periwinkle
Photo via Instagram

The actual photo shows baby True wearing a periwinkle dress.

She looks too cute for words in the dress and the bow, surrounded by soft pastel pinks and a bunch of books.

True will turn 6 months old on October 12. True was born on April 12.

Speaking of 6-month anniversaries, Khloe hit another milestone on Wednesday, October 10.

Wednesday marked six months since the story of Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal broke.

Somehow, True’s parents are still together.

True Thompson, Too Cute for Words
Photo via Instagram

As a source explains to People, Khloe seems to have a foot in both worlds, which is why she has delayed moving back to Cleveland with Tristan.

"It’s of course difficult to trust someone 100 percent who cheated days before he was about to become a dad," the insider acknowledges.

"Khloe still struggles with this sometimes," the source continues.

"She wants to move back to Cleveland, but she isn’t sure what date she is [going]," the insider adds. "The move is postponed for now."

"She seems very upset about leaving her family," the source explains. "She had the best summer in L.A."

Tristan Thompson the Cheater
Photo via Instagram

Khloe has made some not-so-vague posts on social media about struggling to cope with an impossible situation.

"If you’ve been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to other living beings," Khloe wrote in one.

She concluded: "then you’re a badass with a heart of an angel."

"We don’t always choose what happens to us," she wrote in another post. "But we can choose to see it as a positive."

She continued, writing that people can choose "to believe it is for the best, and to use it to grow."

"All of that, and you’re still standing," she wrote in yet another post. "I am proud of you! You’re doing a great job! Keep going."

True Thompson in Pastels
Photo via Instagram

The inside source explains how Khloe feels mounting, overhwhelming pressure from all sides.

"She’s a new mom, a first-time mom, and her TV show is currently replaying one of the most emotional times in her life," the insider points out. "It’s a lot"

"She rarely gives herself a break," the source continues. "And she’s constantly trying to be the best mom, best sister, best daughter, best at everything."

She puts so much pressure on herself at all times.

"And sure, she sometimes has moments like anyone else where she feels like she’s pushed herself too far," the insider notes. "She’s human."

Chicago West, True Thompson, and Stormi Webster
Photo via Instagram

Kim Kardashian had her third child via surrogate with her increasingly problematic husband whom many hope to see her divorce.

Kylie got pregnant at 19 with a guy whom she’d only been seeing for a matter of weeks.

And yet somehow, it’s Khloe, who gave birth at 33 (she’s now 34) with a man she’d been seeing for ages, who is having the hardest time coping with her long-anticipated motherhood.

We hope that she can sort through her feelings and priorities and make a decision about Tristan.

And when it comes to Cleveland, well … Khloe loves being surrounded by her family in L.A. Is she really going to leave all of that just for Tristan?