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Back in April, Khloe Kardashian welcomed her first child, a little girl named True Thompson.

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of the baby alongside her infant cousins Chicago West and Stormi Webster.

Chicago West, True Thompson, and Stormi Webster

It marked the first time that all three children had been photographed together since their births, just a few months apart.

Kim captioned the photo, "The Triplets."

It’s almost impossible to imagine that anyone could gaze upon an image of three adorable babies and offer anything other than the kindest words and the most effusive praise.

But this is the internet in 2018, which means that if there’s an opportunity to be a hateful jackass in a public forum, you can be certain some raving sociopath will come along to claim it.

Khloe Kardashian Holds Beautiful Baby True

Shockingly, multiple commenters on the photo derided True as "too dark."

Others called the child "ugly."

The infuriating remarks eventually led the family to disable comments on the post.

Incidents like this might be enough to shake your faith in humanity to its foundations, were it not for the fact that the defenders of basic decency always outnumber the bigots by a wide margin.

True Thompson

"My blood is actually boiling hearing about the completely hateful & distasteful comments people are making about @khloekardashian ‘s baby True! What is wrong with people?" tweeted one supporter.

"That baby girl is a beyond beautiful, and anyone that has evil comments should do some serious soul searching!

Thank you love!! Honestly, people are disgusting and they are hurting themselves. For anyone to criticize a baby is obviously not well.

Responding to another fan who offered words of love and support on Twitter, Khloe wrote:

Listening to Kim

"You guys are incredible and I feel so blessed to have such great support!!!

"Some other people are truly miserable in their lives but I truly try to stay in a place of love and peace. My baby True is that for me. I’m blocking out the white noise.

Khloe concluded:

"Hate will never ever win in my life!! I refuse!! Only love."

True Thompson, Too Cute for Words

While it’s appalling that Khloe was forced to deal with such idiocy, there’s a teachable moment in all of this.

By choosing to focus on the love of her supporters rather than the racist vitriol of her critics, the new mom is offering a lesson to us all.

We may never experience the sort of negativity that Khloe is forced to deal with on a daily basis, but most of us have spent too much time dwelling on an ignorant comment from an online stranger.

Khloe seems well aware that it’s the goal of these people to make us all as bitter and hateful as they are, and it’s up to us to prevent that from happening.