Tristan Thompson: CAUGHT with Two New Women!

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Once a cheater, always a cheater.

This is a common thing often said about... well... people who cheat.

And Tristan Thompson is a person who cheats.

This is not exactly breaking news, as all celebrity gossip fans are aware that Thompson stepped out on a then-pregnant Khloe Kardashian numerous times during their relationship.

The stars have since reconciled and appear to be doing great -- which is what makes the news below all the more upsetting.

Why do we think Thompson may be banging more than just bodies inside the paint of a basketball court?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Really, Tristan? AGAIN?

Really, Tristan? AGAIN?
Credit to Radar Online for sharing photos of the two women with him Thompson allegedly partied in Hollywood on the night of Thursday, September 20. The website did so under the headline: "Khloe Who? Tristan Caught Partying With TWO Women As Kardashian Stays Home With True."

2. What's the Evidence Here?

What's the Evidence Here?
Unlike the last time Tristan was caught cheating, there's no surveillance video footage of him CLEARLY macking on some female. In this case, Radar simply reports that Thompson entered the club with only men... and then exited with two "curvy" women by his side.

3. There are the Women in Question

There are the Women in Question

4. What Else Do We Know About the Evening?

What Else Do We Know About the Evening?
Writes Radar: "The basketball star shied away from the cameras and quickly jumped into his car... the women later [hopped] into a separate car with other members of Tristan's friend group."

5. Wait... That's It?

Wait... That's It?
Yes, that is all the information we have right now. But here's the thing: Khloe was at home taking care of baby True. Shouldn't Tristan know better by now than to risk being photographed in this manner? Even if it was a harmless night out? It just shows disrespect for Khloe, in our opinion.

6. Tristan Can't Seem to Stop Flirting... at the Very Least

Tristan Can't Seem to Stop Flirting... at the Very Least
This is the second time in recent memory that questions about Thompson sleeping around again have come up. Remember this earlier report?

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