Justin Bieber Shaves Off All His Hair for Some Reason

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Justin Bieber is sporting a scary new haircut -- just in time for Halloween!

That's right -- he's no longer sporting that long, dirty blond hair. Instead, he's shaved his head.

The results are, honestly, a little jarring. We hope Justin's wife likes it. Take a look:

Justin Bieber Shaved His Hair Off

Like we said, this boy went and shaved off all of his hair.

Justin shared this selfie to his Instagram Stories.

We don't know what brought this on -- perhaps some impulse.

We also don't know why he distorted the image from the selfie so heavily.

(Are clearly visible photos boring, now?)

It's a pretty radical change from how his hair has looked earlier this year.

Justin Bieber Flashes the Peace Sign

In fact, back in May, Justin gleefully showed off his hair.

"Long hair don’t care," he told his followers on Instagram. "And my stash is gorgeous."

He meant to write "stache," but we've all made typos, especially on social media.

While his creepy mustache made him look like someone you'd cross the street to avoid, his hair could have looked nice.

"I’m going to grow my hair down to my toes," Justin wrote at one point on Instagram.

It seems that his plans have changed.

Justin Bieber at Coachella 2018

Justin didn't really seem to do anything to style his hair.

(Some openly wondered if he even showered on a daily basis, because his hair often looked ... not so good)

While women -- especially celebrity women -- are often expected to maintain their appearance, men are often given a free pass.

Justin may find long hair to be a pain to maintain. He clearly didn't want to put in the work.

Since he's already a celebrity -- and he's married -- maybe he decided that looking good isn't worth the effort.

We guess that he can just rely upon his torso to catch people's attention instead of his hair.

Justin Bieber Torso Tattoos

Oh, wait, Justin plastered his torso with 100 hours of tattoos.

Well, he still has a good shape.

And, like we said, maybe he truly stopped caring about his looks because he's married.

That's a shame, because Hailey is a model and you know that she's going to keep putting effort into her own appearance -- including her hair.

This is probably just a taste of the impulsive decisions that Hailey is going to have to grin and bear.

Justin Bieber Likes Noodles

Just a few weeks ago, Justin and Hailey stopped by a salon and got their hair trimmed together.

We guess that Justin isn't up for repeating that experience.

This is not the first time that he's shocked fans by mowing off his mane.

Back in 2016, Justin shaved his head.

At the time, he had turned his then-platinum hair into controversial dreadlocks.

(Some celebrities are so far in the bubble that they've never heard of cultural appropriation)

Justin Bieber Hugs a Tree

Sometimes, celebrities find it freeing to cut their hair dramatically.

Those stars are usually women, who are told by managers and by media that their hair needs to be styled in certain ways.

We're not sure that Justin was carrying out some grand act of rebellion.

But at the end of the day, it's his hair and hsi body and he can do whatever he likes to it.

That said, you can still have an opinion about his new look. Some people will even like it.

And regardless, some people are always going to love the Biebs.

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