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Yes, we know Justin Bieber is no longer a bachelor.

As of July 2018, the singer agreed to reserve his penis for just one woman, stunning the universe when he proposed to Hailey Baldwin.

Even more shockingly, he married her!

But don’t feel too badly for Bieber.

Prior to this monumental decision, the artist got plenty of sexual experience under his belt by getting under the sheets with plenty of women.

And we mean PLENTY OF WOMEN.

To be fair, we cannot confirm that Justin nailed every single one of the women below — but he was romantically linked to each at various points by Internet sources, and let’s be honest…

… no young woman out there is just going out for dinner and holding hands with Justin Bieber.

Who could resist this face, these chiseled abs and these dances moves, many of which the women cited here likely assumed would translate to the bedroom?

With Bieber hanging up his bachelorhood, however, it’s time to consider all of his conquests and rank them from “Who the Heck Was That?” to “Man, He’s Really Gonna Miss THAT!”