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Justin Bieber’s extensive body tattoos have grown and grown until some fans believe that he’s become ugly.

But will they change their minds when they see the finished product?

Take a look at the new photo below of Justin’s completed tattoo and decide if he’s adorned with a work of art … or a total mess.

Justin Bieber, Shirtless Tattoos
Photo via Instagram

In the captions of the photo that you’re about to see, the Biebs wrote:

"If tattooed didn’t hurt everyone would have them. Well maybe not very one!! [sic]"

There are many factors that cause people to avoid getting a tattoo. Some have religious objections. Others have aesthetic issues. And some folks just aren’t willing to commit to any one tattoo.

"Over a hundred hours of hart work on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one.. [sic]"

That is a tremendous amount of time to spend getting tattooed.

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART AND IVE MAde my body a canvas and it’s SO MUCH FUN [sic]"

Take a look!

Justin Bieber Torso Tattoos
Photo via Instagram

Some look at this and see him proudly displaying a complex work of art that was years in the making.

Others think that he’s made a chaotic, inky mess of his once-desirable body.

Others, still, barely notice the tattoos and view this as a thirst trap. That’s fair — this is his naked torso and the camera goes lower than most low-riding jeans.

And it looks like Justin is covering his famous penis with his hands.

If you consider these torso tattoos to be a triumph, perhaps older images will make it clear why a number of fans were worried or horrified by Bieber’s tattoos.

Crazy Chest Tattoo

A lot of the tattoo work was done by the famous Bang Bang, back in 2017.

But only now is the Biebs showing off the finished work.

Some say that it’s all finally coming together. Others believe that even the finished work looks like a much-too-busy 

Now, at least, fans can see what Justin is going for.

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s his body. He can decorate it however he likes.

Justin Bieber Tattoos
Photo via Instagram

Justin has a number of religious messages tattooed, including:

"Son of God," "Believe," "Purpose," and "Forgive."

The prominently displayed cross is also hard to miss.

He also has enough animal tattoos to start his own zoo, including a lion, a bear, a tiger, an eagle, and an owl.

You may also notice the numerals I, IX, VII, and V. It looks like a date — 1975 — but it’s not the date of his birth.

It’s the year that his parents, Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mallette, were born. It’s pretty rare to have parents born in the same year, so you can see why he’d want to celebrate it.

Justin Bieber: Shirtless on the Beach
Photo via Instagram

We should mention that Justin Bieber’s captions had a number of fans worried that he might have fallen off of the wagon following his latest breakup with Selena.

Everyone makes typos or forgets how to spell something or types out a word that doesn’t even exist. But Justin’s captions seemed riddled with errors.

But let’s not jump to conclusions, please. While he’s clearly not illiterate, sometimes people who are catapulted to fame at an early age struggle with things like writing — particularly when they are excited or in a hurry.

Some believe that Justin’s tattoos may be his own version of Britney’s famous head-shaving breakdown from over a decade ago. She famously shaved her head because everyone seemed to want to control her hair. It was an act of breaking the chains of her fame.

Justin’s body has been the subject of a lot of attention — particularly from his fans. Perhaps the tattoos are his way of reclaiming his body for himself.

Or … maybe it’s not that deep.