Megyn Kelly: I'll Spill All the Tea on NBC, Unless...

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Megyn Kelly is off the air.

But she is not yet out of the building.

Not yet, at least. Not officially, that is.

Megyn Kelly, NBC Picture

The embattled reported is no longer appearing on NBC, as we're sure most of our readers know quite well by now.

She has been relieved of her duties as host of Megyn Kelly Today after anchoring a segment about controversial Halloween costumes...

... which somehow devolved into Kelly wondering why blackface is considered racist.

Despite a written apology and an on-air apology the day after this segment aired, Kelly was essentially fired by NBC not long after her initial comments went public and severe backlash quickly followed.

However, while Kelly has no job to attend to this morning, she is still technically a network employee.

The star and her legal team continue to negotiate a buyout, with many sources indicating that Kelly will be paid about $38 million to walk away. This is the approximate amount remaining on her contract.

Megyn Kelly as Today Anchor

Now, though, TMZ cites another obstacle on the path to the full dissolution of this partnership.

Insiders tell the website that NBC wants Kelly to sign a confidentiality agreement.

This is standard operating procedure for this sort of situation -- and executives are especially afraid of what Kelly might tell the world after she parts ways because she was unafraid to air NBC's dirty laundry even while working for the company.

Remember: Kelly interviewed one of Matt Lauer's alleged sexual assault victims last year.

She has also admitted that she knows about all of Lauer's skeletons, which likely means she also has dirt of some higher-ups who may have covered up for these skeletons over the years.

It makes sense for NBC to try and make sure Kelly cannot spill such damaging tea to the world after she signs a new deal with Fox News or whomever.

Megyn Kelly: Pro Blackface!

Kelly's lawyer, meanwhile, says his client is happy to sign this sort of nondisclosure agreement.

For an additional $10 million.

UPDATE: Kelly's attorney has now said the following:

“Out of respect for the discussions, I am not going to share more details, but any suggestion that Megyn is looking for more than her contract is untrue.

"This is clearly planted by NBC News to continue its mission to harm Megyn and gain some sort of leverage.

"It won’t work. [NBC executive] Andy Lack needs to stop."

It's also worth noting that Kelly wrote a book, "Settle for More," in which she targeted Fox News Channel; and she has been very critical of that cable network since her departure in 2016.

It's certainly not beneath her to attempt to damage NBC after she settles her employment with the organization.

Megyn Kelly Sucks

The Today Show, for its part, is trying to move on.

On Monday, Al Roker, Hoda Kotb and Craig Melvin greeted viewers during Kelly's former timeslot, with Kotb opening the hour by saying:

Today, as you know, we are starting a new chapter in the third hour of our show as it evolves.

We want you to know that the entire TODAY family will continue to bring you informative and important stories, just as we always have.

That's great and all.

But why do we have a feeling that the book on Megyn Kelly and NBC has not yet totally closed?

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