Farrah Abraham: I'm Not Going to Jail! That's Fake News!

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Last month, Farrah Abraham was arrested after allegedly attacking a male staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Earlier this week, Farrah was formally charged with assault, and prosecutors decided to tack on resisting arrest for good measure.

Farrah Abraham Tries to Be Sexy

(That'll happen when video of you telling the police to go f-ck themselves makes its way across social media.)

Naturally, Farrah handled the situation by admitting blame, asking forgiveness of the victim, and entering therapy in order to ensure that nothing like this ever happens.

Just kidding, she's actually been blaming everyone else for her arrest and lying about the altercation every chance she gets.

Yes, despite considerable evidence to the contrary (Did we mention that video with the cops and the F-bombs?), Farrah says she was not arrested.

Most recently, she made that delusional claim on the Instagram page of Paparazzi Magazine after the outlet tagged her in a post about the arrest.

"Don’t tag me on lies all this is false," Farrah commented.

F. Abraham

 “False info,” she added.

Yes, apparently, "false info" is Farrah's version of "fake news."

Sadly, she won't be old enough to run for president in 2020, but the way her career is going, you can expect her to be elected to the White House in 2028.

Anyway, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Farrah is completely full of it.

She was arrested; she has been charged with multiple misdemeanors; and she is facing 18 months in prison.

The folks over at Hollywood Life even went so far as to obtain court documents pertaining to Farrah's arrest.

Armed with that evidence, HL reached out to Farrah for comment.

Farrah Abraham Fired

The surprising part is, she actually responded.

The not-so-surprising part is, she's still trying to BS everyone.

“This case is all false. It’s all lies. It’s all false information," Farrah responded.

"The court date has been set for August 13th, but there has been no judge assigned. I’ve told everybody this is all false.”

Man, she really loves that "false info" catchphrase.

You've gotta love how Farrah thinks she can just make people's heads spin with legal mumbo-jumbo, and everyone will be like, "Well, she must be telling the truth!"

A word of legal advice, Farrah -- don't try that on the judge.

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