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Fans have roasted Derick Dillard for everything from begging for money from fans to his vitriolic attacks on trans teen Jazz Jennings, the latter of which got him fired.

Now, Derick is trying to make himself respectable — even in the secular world.

Folks, Derick is headed to law school. Do you want this dude as your attorney?

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Are you one of the cyber sleuths who noticed that Derick has been following a series of new Twitter accounts lately?

If not, you’re probably better off. He’s been following Twitter accounts related to the LSAT and the Bar Exam. Which, normally, a person only does if they want to become a lawyer.

A Facebook page (we would not characterize it as a fan site) called Duggar Family News made the announcement.

"Derick will be attending The School of Law at the University of Arkansas this fall," the post reveals.

Their page has been a pretty reliable source of info on the Duggars. Coupled with Derick’s Twitter activities, it’s pretty convincing.

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"Derick is giving up missioning," the page continues. "Whatever he did at Cross Church, and God, to attend a secular law school."

Obviously, the bit about giving up his faith is hyperbolic.

"The cost of law school is $16,000 a year," the page continues. "Which I assume either Jim Bob is paying for …"

"Or," the post hypothesizes. "He’s got some conservative evangelical group paying his way in hopes that if Derick actually becomes a lawyer he will be forced to work for their causes."

The post suggests that those causes might include "overturning all equal rights laws that greatly benefit deserving human beings."

That does sound kind of harsh but, given Derick Dillard’s track record, it sounds like something that he would be interested in doing.

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The page openly asks: "Can Derick make it through the rigors of law school?"

"The idiot," the post continues. "Couldn’t learn Spanish after one-on-one tutoring and living in a Spanish speaking country!"

Attaining true, convincing fluency takes a lot of work. But a lot of people were disappointed by Derick’s lack of progress.

"He can’t follow simple rules when it comes to posting copyright images or running a fundraiser page," the post observes.

To be entirely fair, a lot of celebrities seem confused about that. Perhaps attending law school will make him more mindful.

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"Derick," the post continues. "Lives in a bubble of false news and facts which will be put to the test when secular law professors get their hands on him."

Sadly, real life law school professors are rarely as exciting as they are on How To Get Away With Murder.

"My bet," the post writes. "Is that he lasts almost a year and then suddenly gets another calling from God."

"Next year," the page predicts. "He’ll be working as a clerk at Walmart."

Duggar Family News might be a great page for leaked info, but we don’t know that we share their vision for the future.

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Law school may be secular, but there are a number of religious angles for a practising attorney.

One, of course, is that some larger churches and religious organizations need lawyers. They can help with everything from major lawsuits to making simple arrangements.

Another, as the Facebook page suggests, is that Derick might — perhaps of his own volition — work hard to combat any progress made for equal rights for certain groups.

Remember, Derick Dillard says to not make cakes for gay couples. He also claims that accepting transgender children for who they are is "child abuse."

There is another possibility. Depending upon how you feel about Derick, this could be worse.

For some, attending law school and even becoming a lawyer is just a means to an end — that end being a serious political career.