Chelsea Houska Stuns in This Gorgeous New Maternity Pic!

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It's been a rough summer so far for the Teen Mom crew.

And that's putting it lightly.

Chelsea Houska Sells Sunglasses

So many things have happened to so many cast members on the shows, it's hard to know where to start.

Ryan Edwards was just arrested after being found with heroin, which is disappointing, since he and his pregnant wife have been going on and on about how hard he's working on his recovery.

As far as we know, he's still in jail right now.

Jenelle Evans is facing a whole lot of criticism after last night's episode of Teen Mom 2 -- you know, that whole thing where she followed a man home during a road rage incident and pulled a gun on him while her son was in the car.

There's also a good chance she's done with the show, since reports claim she still hasn't signed her contract for the new season.

Farrah Abraham isn't on Teen Mom OG anymore, but let's be real, she'll always be included in this group, and her whole entire life is falling apart!

Farrah Abraham in a Bowtie

She's facing up to eighteen months in jail for assaulting a hotel employee, a lot of people think her kid killed her dog, one of her businesses shut down and the rest are almost sure to follow.

Leah Messer hasn't been charged with any crimes or anything, but she's dealing with her daughter's increasing health problems, which is undoubtedly the most hearbreaking development for any of the cast.

There's just a whole lot of tough stuff going on for these people, you know?

But not for Chelsea Houska!

Nope, Chelsea is living the dream -- she's got a super handsome husband, Cole DeBoer, and two happy, healthy children, Aubree and Watson.

Chelsea Houska at 25 Weeks

She's also got another one on the way!

She announced the pregnancy in March, and she announced the gender then, too.

That was when we learned that Aubree and Watson are getting a little baby sister!

Chelsea is due on September 11th, but she's said that she probably won't make it that long, since her first two children were born early.

That means that she's nearing the end of her pregnancy, and judging by this new photo of her and her baby bump, we can definitely tell!

Chelsea Houska Maternity Pic


She's pretty anyway, obviously, but this photo is just absolutely stunning, isn't it?

And it's even better when you learn that Cole was the one who shared it!

"Honestly cannot pack anymore beauty into this photo!!" he captioned his post. "I love you @chelseahouska One Hotttttt Momma!!!"

Is that not so sweet and precious and amazing?

There's a reason why basically every other comment on this post is "goals."

Chelsea Houska and Family

Of course, some people always have to have something to say, and that's why over on Twitter, one person commented "Beautiful photo but what's up with her hand?!?"

Someone said that it was probably just extra veins popping up during the pregnancy, and Chelsea confirmed that it was.

"Yep ... one of the beautiful symptoms of being pregnant!" she replied. "You should see my boobs and legs."

In another reply, she revealed "I've got a few varicose veins with this pregnancy! I've never had them before and they hurt!"

"My dr said they should go away after I give birth.. but anyways, I'm just vein central over here."

Veins or not, Chelsea is just super, super beautiful, and we can't wait to see that new baby of hers!

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