Farrah Abraham: Relax, My Kid Didn't Kill Our Dog!

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Farrah Abraham ... she's just been going through a lot lately, you know?

Well, lately, for the past decade, whatever.

Farrah and Sophia Kisses

But while she's been awful for a very, very long time, she's really kicked things up a notch this summer.

Last month, she assaulted a hotel employee when he tried to escort her off the premises after running her mouth at other guests.

According to the poor employee in question, as well as several witnesses, she hit him in the face with her forearm, then grabbed his face and pushed it, because that's how you treat people when you don't get your way.

Then, when police arrived to deal with her, she went off on them, too.

We hear there were many cries of "go f-ck yourselves" and "don't you know who I am?" -- classic Farrah.

Last week, she was officially charged with battery and with resisting arrest, and she could face up to eighteen months in jail if she's found guilty.

Fingers crossed!

Farrah Abraham Sucks at Photoshop

A couple of weeks after that, she got herself into a feud with Drita D'Avanzo of Mob Wives fame, which was a bad idea, because the "mob" part of that show isn't really a joke.

Drita definitely has a temper, and we're kind of amazed that she hasn't tracked Farrah down and smacked her yet, like she was threatening to do.

Last week, she continued her reign of terror by convincing her poor daughter, Sophia, to "prank" some people by telling them that her dog had died.

Because how funny is that, right?

But then, a couple of days later, her dog actually died.

And that's what we're talking about today.

Farrah announced the sad news in a bizarre video of Sophia crying over the dog's dead body -- again, classic Farrah.

In her caption, she explained, that the dog, a Pomeranian named Blue, died "after being put down around his dog door to go out to potty on his balcony."

Then, "literally no noise! no signs! and Sophia sees him just stop moving and she's trying to figure out what is going on & yells for me I'm in disbelief and she hands me my half limp Blue."

"Thinking low sugar," she continued, "we grab syrup and water, his eyes looking at me as if he's talking but his tongue can't move and his body can't but I see in his eyes he loves seeing his water and good and light of all the good and I feel his heart beating and we're giving him love but as his body goes limper we call the Emergency vet."

She said that they rushed him to the doggy hospital, but "no heart beat found was found."

And just like that, Blue was gone.

A lot of people were confused, because what happened to this poor dog?!

Farrah, Sophia, and Blue

He was only five years old, and in Farrah's story, it sounds like he just collapsed out of nowhere, for no reason at all.

As dark as it sounds, some people even believed that Farrah could have done something to the dog, after all the negative attention she'd been getting for the dead dog prank.

Things got even darker over the weekend, when Sophia seemed to insinuate that she was responsible for Blue's death.

On one of her social media accounts, Sophia wrote "I was getting Blue to go outside and my only choice was to toss him outside."

"And then I did but then he went into shock and 30 seconds later he passed with no heart beat."

She's pretty clear there, right?

Blue got "tossed" outside, and less than a minute later, he was dead.

Farrah and Sophia on a Plane

And if you pair Sophia's story with Farrah's, it gets even darker, because Farrah definitely said that Blue was put out on a balcony.

So ... did Sophia accidentally toss Blue off a balcony?!

Before you get too worked up about what could have happened to poor Blue, know that Farrah's already done an interview explaining everything.

Except it just makes things even more confusing.

About Sophia's statement, she says that her daughter was just "stressed from the unexplainable tragedy and like I at the time couldn't say or process clearly."

She didn't mean it, guys!

Farrah also took some time to explain what really happened to the dog, saying that "Blue and our other Pomeranians have been stressed from construction at our building."

Farrah and Sophia in Fiji

On top of that, he had a "collapsing trachea issue" for the past two months, and "stress adds to this."

"Blue actually went limp once Sophia picked him up, as he was having anxiety again because of construction and didn't want to go to the bathroom on the balcony."

According to Farrah, her vet "believed it was his trachea that had collapsed" because when they brought Blue in, it looked like "he had a lack of oxygen."

"Blue was perfectly healthy and happy," she adds. "His medicine had been helping him."

She says the whole thing hasn't been easy for Sophia, "but she is very excited to get Blue back once he is through the preservation process. We have to wait 6 months."

Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that they took his remains to a taxidermist?

Because that happened.

Farrah and Sophia with Flowers

"No one can blame a child who is the best child to their best friend Blue," she concludes.

And while Farrah obviously intended to shut everyone up about the dog situation ... sorry, it did not work.

In her original post about Blue, she seemed very confused about what had happened, and if Blue had been dealing with a collapsing trachea, wouldn't she kind of assume that might have something to do with it?

And if the vet was able to tell that he hadn't been breathing, again, why would she be so confused in her post?

There are still a lot of questions surrounding Blue's mysterious passing, and unfortunately, we'll probably never get any real answers.

But hey, in six months we're almost guaranteed to get some creepy pictures of Farrah and Sophia with their stuffed dog.

And that's something, you know?

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