Chelsea Houska: QUITTING Teen Mom 2 Because of Jenelle Evans?!

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Yet another Teen Mom 2 reunion show filmed in New York last week, and once again, there was tension.

There was enough tension among the principal cast members, in fact, to fuel an entire season of the show.

But what was different this time around is that some of the moms didn't even make the trip to Manhattan, yet still managed to piss each other off!

As you may have heard, Jenelle Evans skipped the reunion, but MTV accommodated the Carolina Hurricane by flying Dr. Drew Pinsky to her home, along with a camera crew.

Compare that to Chelsea Houska who was forced to do an interview via Skype after she decided to leave the reunion early.

It's become the latest in a long line of complaints for Chelsea, and those who know the fan favorite best say it might be the final straw.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Chelsea could be out of here immediately, if not sooner ...

1. The End of Her Rope

The End of Her Rope
Chelsea Houska has had a LOT of complaints about the way the show is run recently. And many of her criticisms have been echoed by fans.

2. Change In Priorities

Change In Priorities
Chelsea recently complained on Twitter that the show "isn't about being a mom anymore," as producers continue to focus more and more on feuds between cast members.

3. Speaking Her Mind

Speaking Her Mind
Chelsea's comments came in response to fan complaints that she doesn't appear on the show as much as she used to.

4. Fed Up

Fed Up
Up to that time, Houska had griped about the show considerably less than often than any of her castmates.

5. A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart
Chelsea attended last week's reunion but left before filming her segment due to tension and even violence among the other cast members.

6. Improvising

In order to keep producers happy, Chelsea filmed a Skype interview with Dr. Drew this past weekend -- an arrangement that might have made both sides happy, were it not for the revelation that one of her castmates received preferential treatment ...

7. The Squeaky Wheel

The Squeaky Wheel
MTV flew Dr. Drew Pinsky and a camera crew to North Carolina so that Jenelle could participate in the season 8B reunion from home. Many of her castmates were upset with the seemingly preferential treatment.

8. An Unpopular Decision

An Unpopular Decision
According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, several members of the TM2 cast were extremely upset that they were forced to travel to NYC, while Jenelle got exactly what she wanted simply by refusing to do what MTV asked.

9. Unhappy Houska

Unhappy Houska
“Chelsea was particularly upset,” one source tells The Ashley. “They paid to fly an entire crew to Jenelle and essentially built a set there for her to film because she refused to go to the last reunion."

10. Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites
"But apparently they didn’t think Chelsea was important enough to do that for," the insider adds. "They simply set up a Skype call between her and Drew– that happened while he was in North Carolina to film with Jenelle!"

11. Drama = Ratings

Drama = Ratings
“It made it so obvious who the show’s producers and the network value more!” the source stated.

12. Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately
“Jenelle didn’t even put the time and effort into going to the Reunion, and Chelsea did, yet they made a huge production of going to Jenelle and filming, while Chelsea’s portions were like a rushed afterthought,” another production source told The Ashley.

13. Mom Drama

Mom Drama
“Chelsea was pissed that they went to such great lengths to make Jenelle happy, and honestly so was some of the crew who is tired of giving in to Jenelle’s demands," the insider adds.

14. Labor Dispute

Labor Dispute
“The other cast members are pissed too because they had to take time out of their lives to go all the way to New York City to film, find childcare, etc. to fulfill their obligations to the show, but Jenelle once again threw a fit and got treated like a VIP!” the first insider revealed.

15. Insult to Injury

Insult to Injury
To make matters worse, Jenelle got to sleep in, while Chelsea was forced to wake up at the crack of dawn. “They didn’t want Jenelle to have to start super-early so they made Chelsea go first, even though she is two hours behind Jenelle, time-wise, because she’s in South Dakota,” says the source.

16. Jenelle on Top

Jenelle on Top
“The other three girls feel like they’ve been treated like second-class citizens compared to Jenelle for the entire time they’ve been on the show,” says one insider.

17. The End of an Era

The End of an Era
According to The Ashley's sources, MTV realizes it can't continue with the type of reunion show fans have become accustomed to -- but producers have yet to figure out a viable alternative: “There is NO WAY they’re going to keep doing the reunions this way because it’s clearly an unsafe environment to have all of them together," says the source.

18. No Solution

No Solution
"Now [the show’s producers] have to figure out how they’re gonna do the reunions going forward but it’s clear that it can’t stay the way it is anymore," the informant adds. They'd better figure out a new path quckly, because ...

19. The Moms Are Getting Fed Up

The Moms Are Getting Fed Up
Jenelle is good for ratings, no doubt about it. But can she anchor an entire series by herself? Producers might be forced to find out if they keep alienating the rest of the cast.

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