Leah Messer Shares Heartbreaking Update on Daughter Ali's Muscular Dystrophy

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Teen Mom 2 fans have watched Leah Messer face just about every challenge a mother can endure over the course of the eight years.

But perhaps nothing has brought the long-suffering mother of three more strife than the health issues suffered by her daughter Ali.

Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy shortly after birth, and while her parents have consistently sought the best treatment available, there's no guarantee that her condition won't deteriorate with age.

This ongoing battle was the focus of Messer's storyline on Monday's episode of TM2, and fans were deeply moved by Leah and her ex-husband's efforts to set aside their differences in order to do what's best for their beloved daughter.

1. Courageous Ali

Courageous Ali
Fans have been rooting for Ali and her indomitable spirit ever since she first entered the world alongside her twin sister eight years ago.

2. Supportive Sisters

Supportive Sisters
At times, Ali's difficulty with walking and other basic motor functions may be rendered even more difficult by her twin sister Gracie's natural athleticism. But Ali couldn't ask for more supportive or encouraging siblings.

3. A Constant Struggle

A Constant Struggle
As is the case for most single moms, Leah's life is a non-stop struggle. But her determination to secure the best possible care and adaptive equipment for Ali has never wavered.

4. Coming Together

Coming Together
Leah and ex-husband Corey Simms have received considerable praise for their willingness to set aside any differences they might have and focus on their daughter's health.

5. The Fight of Their Lives

The Fight of Their Lives
Last night's episode saw Leah and Corey opening up about their fears for Ali's future in one of the series' most moving scenes to date.

6. A Worrisome Report

A Worrisome Report
Ali reported to Leah that she's often in pain, her legs are tingling, and she's generally "really struggling."

7. More Bad News

More Bad News
On top of that, Leah's teachers reported that she's been falling asleep in class and often complains that she's not feeling well.

8. Frightening Times

Frightening Times
“A lot of sh-t is happening at once with her and it’s scary. It’s scary," Leah said to Corey.

9. Wise Words

Wise Words
Corey reminded Leah that she shouldn't be too hard on herself, as neither of them has ever raised a daughter with muscular dystrophy before, and they have no choice but to meet each challenge as it arises.

10. Ali Simms at the Doctor's

Ali Simms at the Doctor's
Leah and Corey have spent a fortune on the best treatment and adaptive equipment for Ali, but on numerous occasions, her primary physician has sadly informed them that her condition might only get worse with age.

11. Ali Simms is Happy

Ali Simms is Happy
Through it all, Ali has maintained a cheerful disposition and a positive outlook. And fans have drawn inspiration from her bravery in the face of adversity.

12. Others Who Have Fought

Others Who Have Fought
Viewers who have also struggled with MD have often shared their encouraging stories, assuring Leah that while the fight has only gotten harder, they've been able to live full and happy lives.

13. Simple Words of Encouragement

Simple Words of Encouragement
Sometimes, it helps just to know we're not facing a particular battle alone.

14. Real Life

Real Life
Many fans have stated that they tune into the show not for the petty feuds that seem to draw the most ratings but for the relatable real-life struggles that Leah faces every day.

15. Credit Where It's Due

Credit Where It's Due
Others have offered much-deserved praise for two of the show's most selfless parents.

16. Serious Strength

Serious Strength
Of course, no one deserves as much credit as Ali, who's put on a brave face through some of the most difficult challenges life has to offer.

17. Growing Up Right Before Our Eyes

Growing Up Right Before Our Eyes
Many fans have been watching the show for so long that they feel as though they've watched Leah's girls grow up in real time -- and they take almost as much joy in their milestones and victories as she does.

18. Spreading the Love

Spreading the Love
And of course, Leah also deserves credit for giving equal time and attention to her other two daughters. No easy feat, as any parent of a disabled child can tell you.

19. Such a Long Way

Such a Long Way
So much negativity surrounds the Teen Mom franchise that it's nice to see so many heaping well-deserved praise on Leah and Ali for the progress they've made together. We wish them all the best as they continue to grow with one another's support.

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