Justin Bieber Accused of Hurling N-Word During Fight In Shocking Lawsuit

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You may have read that headline and thought to yourself, Hey wasn't Justin Bieber already accused of using the N-word?

Short answer: yes.

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Long answer: Yes, and there was video evidence, but Bieber has a long history of being awful, yet somehow he always gets a pass.

The latest accusation against Bieber comes from a man named Tobias Cannon who claims that he got into an altercation with Bieber at the 2016 NBA finals in Cleveland.

According to a lawsuit filed this week, Bieber physically assaulted Cannon, but the Canadian businessman declined to retaliate.

Cannon says that Bieber shouted the n-word at him as a form of humiliation.

“Justin Bieber has a history of inappropriate behavior," Cannon's lawyers write.

They go on to say that Bieber is “fortunate” Cannon did “not engage in mutual combat,” 

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That's some top-notch shade, Cannon's lawyers.

Justin's longtime manager Scooter Braun has already come to his client's defense with a lengthy online statement.

"Justin Bieber has done a lot of stupid things in his past but what he has also done is apologize and own those mistakes," Braun writes.

"This most recent claim against him is completely false and a fabrication from a man who tried to push for money for the last several years."

Braun continues:

"He never said these things before because they never happened. This is a smear tactic to get money and it’s gross.

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"So I repeat… these statements again Justin are completely false and we won’t be scared or blackmailed. This man should be ashamed of himself. Real racism exists.. but it doesn’t apply here. Just horrible."

We're not saying Braun is definitely lying or Bieber definitely acted like a colossal douche basket at the finals (although, probably and probably would be our guesses), but it's pretty wild that he's claiming Justin would never use that word.

Did we mention he's been caught gleefully saying it on video on multiple occasions?

Cannon's lawyers have already fired back, saying:

"This lawsuit was not filed for publicity. If that was the case, it would have been filed at the time the assault was first reported."

It may not have been filed for publicity -- but it's likely to result in a lot of bad press for the Biebs.

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