Justin Bieber Fans Offer #PrayersForBieber in Wake of Tour Cancelation

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Justin Bieber has canceled the remainder of his world tour.

Sources close to the singer say he's just "super exhausted" and simply unable to continue to perform for his very loyal fans.

In response to this stunning turn of events, Twitter is wondering whether Bieber is okay and whether he'll survive without some help from Above.

That's right, the hashtag "#PrayersForBieber" is now trending, with users torn on whether it's sarcastic or deadly serious. See what we mean below...

1. We Need a Miracle, Folks

We Need a Miracle, Folks
This is NOT a laughing matter. Take it seriously, everyone.

2. Eff You, TMZ

Eff You, TMZ
Focus a little more on having some heart instead of having a big bank account, you selfish website!

3. You Deserve It, Biebs

You Deserve It, Biebs
You've acted in such a selfless, non-spoiled manner for so long.

4. Third Graders Can Barely Function Right Now

Third Graders Can Barely Function Right Now
We really wish we were joking.

5. Not Bronchitis!!!!!

Not Bronchitis!!!!!
Please, God. Please help him.

6. Parents Are Getting Involved

Parents Are Getting Involved
We need EVERYone to team up on this one, folks.

7. Prayers May Work

Prayers May Work
But here's another idea!

8. This One is Pretty Straightforward

This One is Pretty Straightforward
But it rings true nonetheless.


Bieber is basically the Donald Trump of pop stars.

10. Thank You, Justin

Thank You, Justin
Just... thank you.

11. A Note to Phonies

A Note to Phonies
If you turn on Bieber now, don't bother ever turning back.

12. Health Above Everything Else

Health Above Everything Else
Praise be to you, JB.

13. You Suck!

You Suck!
And you lip sync!

14. Hey, He Has John Mayer's Support!

Hey, He Has John Mayer's Support!
We guess that's a good thing.

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