Ami Brown: Returning to Hospital Amid New Cancer Battle

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Last year, Alaskan Bush People family matriarch Ami Brown beat the odds -- and her lung cancer. But, as we grimly noted at the time, she would need to remain vigilant.

Then, in March, fans feared that Ami's cancer had returned. In April, Ami's emergency hospitalization was confirmed.

Now, new details have emerged and fans are fearing the worst. But there's hope.

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RadarOnline reports that Discovery Executive Vice President Laurie Goldberg has confirmed Ami's new cancer battle to them.

"Ami’s battle with cancer is very real."

Ami has already undergone new treatments.

"Her chemo and radiation was tough, but she got through it and is recovering well."

Just as she had to in the past, Ami has had to return to more comfortable and convenient surroundings so that she can live near a first-rate hospital and receive the care that she needs.

"She is going to L.A. for a routine three month check-up but is optimistic and surrounded by nothing but love."

That is good to hear, all things considered.

Amy Brown

Back in January, we mentioned that some fans who were amazed at Ami's recovery started to doubt if Ami had ever really had cancer to begin with.

Goldberg does not mince words about that kind of hateful speculation.

"It is just disgusting that anyone would say her cancer is not real or that it was created for the show."

We absolutely agree.

Asking questions is one thing. And it's nothing short of amazing that she was able to fight back a cancer whose prognosis gave her an estimated 3% chance of survival.

But no, Ami did not stage having lung cancer and the agony of chemo and radiation therapies for a ratings bump.

We only wish that it were some fabrication. Cancer is very real.

Ami is in Bed

Golberg reveals that, despite her health battle, Ami will be featured on Alaskan Bush People.

"The fans will get to see her journey alongside the rest of the family on the upcoming season."

That will be great to see!

And something that fans won't have to worry about is a season filled with interpersonal conflict.

"There is definitely no drama between her and anyone in the family." 

Thta makes sense.

"They love her very much and would do anything for her."

Ami Brown in Bed

The Brown family of course is rallying around Ami to support her during this difficult time.

Ami, in the mean time, is liking the family's new situation.

Goldberg says:

"Right now Ami is so happy with the family's move to Washington."

We told you that Billy Brown made a large land purchase and has reportedly gotten on the bad side of a number of locals in the rural community in Washington State.

Ami herself apparently already knows how she wants to help them settle in to their spacious new home.

"She has so many big plans for their new home."

Ami Brown in Alaska

It's great that Ami is receiving proper medical care, is continuously surrounded by those whom she loves, and is making plans for the future.

These are all great things that can contribute to her once again kicking cancer to the curb.

We wish Ami the best in her latest health battle.

As we cautioned when the news that Ami was cancer free first broke, the odds of getting cancer (again) are higher for someone who has had and beaten cancer than they are for someone who has never had cancer.

It is our sincerest wish that Ami make a full recovery. For her sake and for her family's.

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