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Recently, Alaskan Bush People fans have begun to fear that Ami Brown’s cancer has returned.

Now, along with reports that the family had to stop filming and rush the family matriarch to another state for treatment, her children are posting on social media.

Many fans believe that these posts by Rain and by Bear are confirming their worst fears about Ami’s health.

Rain Brown Hugs Ami Brown
Photo via Instagram

Like a number of devoutly Christian celebrities, Rain Brown shared a message for her followers over Easter weekend.

"Happy Easter everybody, today is a very important day, today is the day our brother Jesus rose from his grave."

It was Rain’s particular interpretation of Easter that first caused fans to become concerned.

"I believe Easter is a reminder that even when things appear to be over, if it’s meant to be we’ll get another chance."

It is admittedly difficult to tell if Rain is speaking purely about the resurrection or if, as she has in the past, she is hinting about her mother’s well-being.

"Easter is not only the day our savior rose but it’s also a sign we can rise too, rise above darkness and doubt jealousy and hate anger and spite, and find love, peace, harmony, joy, and above all, faith."

And then she talks about miracles — which brings to mind the rumor from late last year that Ami Brown’s cancer was cured in a Christmas miracle.

"Miracles happen every day. We just have to believe and give the credit where it’s due, God bless everybody."

Bear Brown Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Bear Brown snapped this selfie and shared it to Instagram, and included the caption:

"Time to Escape from LA!!! (Again) #losangeles #freedom #uclamedicalcenter #family #bearbrown"

Note that he tagged the UCLA Medical Center … where his mother has received cancer treatments in the past.

Many fans fear that this is confirmation of the report by RadarOnline that the Alaskan Bush People cast were spotted at the hospital after being forced to pause filming in Omak, Washington.

Earlier in March, she had been spotted looking dangerously thin and being wheeled around in her wheelchair.

Now, it looks like she’s spent at least some time in the hospital.

And though Bear says that he’s leaving, fans don’t know if that means that Ami is also leaving the hospital.

Alaskan Bush People Christmas
Photo via Discovery

Fans filled Bear’s comments with well-wishes.

"I will be praying for your mom and everyone else to get through this."

One fan even shared a very personal story.

"Praying for your mom just lost my dad of lung, and bone cancer on the 17th of March my heart goes out to your mom."

Most kept their messages short and sweet.

"Bless their hearts they are in my prayers."

One fan, a woman who looks much older than Bear, took the opportunity to try to hit on him. That was … a strange choice.

Bear Brown
Photo via Instagram

Bear thanked fans for their kindness and support.

"Hey everybody!!! Thanks for all the support! Sorry I’m not able to respond to all of y’all guys messages!!"

Note that he does not really confirm anything with this post.

"I’ll try to be more responsive!! I don’t use my phone often, I prefer not to carry it around all the time."

Few of us can relate to that.

"Thanks everybody, from the bottom of my heart! Y’all guys ROCK!! I hope Everybody Had a AWESOME EASTER!!!!!"

Ami Brown in the Snow
Photo via Discovery Channel

So … does Ami Brown have cancer?

It is possible. Unfortunately, though her scans showed no signs of cancer last December, the odds of cancer coming back are tragically high.

But it’s also possible that she had some other ailment — like the flu — or that her body is still recovering from her radiation treatments and chemotherapy.

Even if it’s just something like the flu or a stomach bug, considering that Ami faced a terminal illness just last year, it makes sense that she and her family would be extra cautious about her health and well being.

You don’t want to take any chances, folks.