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Despite Ami Brown’s emergency hospitalization, it looks like the Brown family is still making plans for the future.

Specifically, Billy Brown has paid cash for a sizable plot of land. It may be the site of the family’s next mansion … and of the next Browntown.

Some fans — and a lot of the locals — aren’t too thrilled about this major purchase.

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RadarOnline reports that Billy Brown paid $415,000 for land in Washington State.

They were able to confirm with the Okanogan County tax assessor that the 64-year-old reality star purchased approximately 435 acres across four parcels of land.

He obtained this land from Wilbur and Teresa Hallnuer in February.

According to the tax insider who dished to RadarOnline, there are no homes on that land … at the moment.

"Billy Brown bought four separate large properties near where the family is currently filming at the Lodge on Palmer Lake."

Billy Brown on Alaskan Bush People

The tax insider breaks down the purchases.

"One property is 65 acres. One is 190 acres. One is 40 acres and the last one is 140 acres. The total land mass bought by Mr. Brown is roughly 435 acres."

Based upon those numbers, yes, RadarOnline‘s math adds up. It never hurts to double-check.

"And yes, he paid cash."

Then, the tax insider says something new and vaguely ominous.

"The residents of Okanogan County are well aware of who Mr. Brown is and what his intentions are."

If you’re wondering what the ever-loving f–k that’s supposed to mean, you’re not alone. But that source decided to clam up.

"I’m sorry but that is all that I can say."

Billy Brown Pic

The good folks over at Inquisitr suggest that, based upon that massive land-grab, it’s likely that Billy Brown has bought the land on which he’ll eventually build a mega-mansion for his family.

And they point out that it seems very likely that some part of that extensive spread of land will be the family’s new homestead — their new Browntown.

Some fans are frustrated with what they perceive 

Alaskan Bush People is a show about people roughing it and surviving outside of society.

In real life, the Brown family are millionaires who just bought up almost enough land area as there is in all of Monaco.

And, not for nothing, but fans are very aware that Alaskan Bush People is no longer being filmed in Alaska.

Billy Brown and Ami Brown

Recently, a fan very politely asked a question of Rain Brown, the family’s 15-year-old daughter and their unofficial spokesperson.

"Rain can u share with me why u guys can’t go back to Alaska? Once u leave does that mean the land is no longer yours?"

The land in Alaska was leased by Discovery. The family had to move to the "lower 48" in order for Ami to battle cancer.

Some fans have been much less polite — even when writing to a young girl — and perceive the Brown family as frauds who have pulled the wool over the eyes of viewers.

To them, the fact that the Browns are possibly planning to build a mega-mansion in Washington, while presumably building a new "Browntown" that is little more than a set for their reality series, is the final straw.

It’s unfair, of course — the Browns are reality stars. It goes with the territory. But there’s no reasoning with some people.

Ami Brown and Billy Brown in Alaska

Fans aren’t the only ones who are angry, though.

As we’ve mentioned before, the locals where the Browns are filming have not taken kindly to the presence of a reality TV crew and a family of television stars who, some feel, have just about taken over their tiny town.

That, we suspect, is what the county tax insider meant by the people knowing precisely who the Browns are and what they are up to.

We don’t know what the family’s Beverly Hills neighbors thought of them, but in the small town of Omak, they’re seen as unwelcome, urban outsiders.

Probably not universally — but some of the locals have voiced their displeasure with their town becoming a backdrop for a TV series.