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Chelsea Houska is undoubtedly one of the most beloved moms in the entire Teen Mom franchise, if not the most beloved.

When the franchise features people like Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham, it’s not that difficult to be a favorite, but still.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska

Chelsea gets a lot of love because she has her life together, and because she’s adorable, with adorable family to match.

She’s never been arrested, she’s not rude and hateful on a regular basis, she’s never neglected her kids.

She’s a good mother, and it’s even more notable since her oldest child’s father is arguably the worst person in Teen Mom history.

Chelsea dated Adam Lind off an on for a good long while when she was younger, and they had little Aubree together, but he was never really a present father.

Since then, Adam has been getting sketchier and sketchier, and last year he failed a court-appointed drug test with a substantial amount of meth in his system.

Adam Lind and daughter Aubree

He was also arrested multiple times for domestic assault, and there have been warrants out for his arrest thanks to his failure to pay child support for both of his children.

It’s a whole lot of bad stuff, basically, and so Chelsea has obtained sole custody of Aubree.

She’s also had Aubree’s last name changed from Lind to Lind-DeBoer, at the request of Aubree herself.

And speaking of her new last name, let’s talk about where it came from: Cole DeBoer, Chelsea’s husband, father of little Watson, and Aubree’s adoring stepfather.

Cole is amazing, right? He’s sweet and very attractive and best of all, he treats Aubree like his very own.

Cole DeBoer and Aubree Lind
Photo via Instagram

He constantly steps up for her like her real father never does, and he did it again last night.

Because, believe it or not, Adam skipped Aubree’s father-daughter dance. For the third year in a row.

The first time was in 2016 — Aubree was expecting Adam, but he didn’t show up, so Cole took her by himself. Adam later said he couldn’t come because he was training for a bodybuilding competition.

The second time was last year, and there was no mention of Adam at all, Aubree and Cole just went and had a nice time together.

And this year, again, for the third year in a row, Cole and Aubree dressed up and headed out for a lovely little evening.

Aubree Lind-DeBoer
Photo via Instagram

He shared this adorable photo of her — it looks like he took her to dinner, too — and he captioned it "Look at my STUNNING little sweetie. I am so so lucky to have her as my dancing partner!!! Father daughter dance time!!!"

It’s so cute it hurts, right?

And if that one hurts, this next one will probably destroy you.

In the second photo Cole shared, he’s giving Aubree some flowers while she’s posing in front of a sign that reads "I love you Daddy!"

"I love this perfect girl so much!" he captioned this one.

Aubree and Cole
Photo via Instagram

It’s clear that he does — and to many people, it’s clear that he deserves to be her real father in every way, including legally.

"Adopt her!!!!" one person commeneted on Cole’s Instagram. "She loves you so much and you’re the best daddy ever!!!!!"

Another person suggested her adopt her because her ‘dads’ a low life, she’s so much better off with you as her father."

So many people had so many kind words to say — one told him that he’s "amazing for showing that little girl what a daddy is supposed to be."

"Cole you are by far the best Father that sweet little girl will ever know!" someone gushed. "You should try and adopt her Coley Dad!!"

Cole DeBoer and Aubree As Superheroes
Photo via Instagram

Yet another person wrote "Plese adopt her! Adam should be smart enough to let you take over completely from here. You already have in every other way."

These kinds of comments are very common in basically any story about Adam or Cole — Adam is the worst, Cole is the best, so Cole should adopt Aubree.

Could that be a possibility? Maybe, if Adam keeps getting worse.

But despite his many, many flaws, Aubree does seem to love her father, so it could be hard for her to cut ties with him like that.

Do you think Cole should adopt Aubree?