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Kylie Jenner really is making up for lost time.

For nearly her entire pregnancy, the 20-year old reality star stayed far from the spotlight. So far away, it was jarring.

But now that she’s a mother, Jenner has not been shy about posting pictures of herself or her first-ever child, Stormi Webster.

Kylie Jenner: A Sexy Selfie!
Photo via Instagram

It all started, of course, with this snapshot of little Stormi’s fingers clutching her mommy’s thumb.

Not only was it adorable, it was record-breaking: the photo has become the most-Liked picture in the history of Instagram.

From there, Kylie gave us a look at Stormi’s toes, sharing a video that depicted new parent and tiny baby having a few sweet bonding moments together.

Check it out here:

Stormi Webster Has Toes! See Them Here!

From there, we got our first real glimpse at Stormi, as Jenner stood in a tracksuit and cradled the one-month in her arms late this week.

Because the is the Internet, Kylie got dragged pretty hard for the image (seriously, you won’t believe the reason why), but that doesn’t take away from how cute the baby herself clearly is.

And this now brings us to Kylie’s latest social media share, a Snapchat picture that is our clearest and closest shot yet of young Stormi.

The newborn is sucking on a purple pacifier in this photo, while Kylie has included some flames atop her head via a Snapchat filer.

"My pretty girl," Jenner wrote as a caption.

Kylie's Pretty Girl
Photo via Instagram

Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed Stormi, their first child, on February 1.

The little girl weighed in at 8 lbs., 9 oz. and arrived at 4:43 p.m. local time, for those keeping track at home.

Previously on Instagram Stories, Kylie shared a photograph of baby Adidas tracksuits the company had sent over as gifts for Stormi.

We have a feeling this small one will not be lacking in the accessory department.


While Jenner has been pretty candid in giving fans glimpses into her world as a parent so far, she still wants to protect Stormi from the tabloids and from becoming too famous too quickly. 

A source has told People Magazine that the Kylie Cosmetics mogul, “is very protective of Stormi and of introducing her to new people and the outside world.”

This is one way in which even the harshest Kardashian-Jenner critics must give these women props.

Kim and Kourtney have set a positive example for Kylie with the way they have raised their children so far, only sharing a few images and videos along the way.

You don’t see Saint on any magazine covers or Penelope getting her own E! spinoff or anything.

We’d have to imagine that Khloe Kardashian, when she soon has her first child, will take this same approach.

Say what you want about this family, but we salute them for their parenting skills and decisions.