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This breaks our hearts.

Adam Lind, who flaunts his horrible parenting skills almost as much as his muscles, has done it again.

No, we don’t mean he’s posted another nude on Instagram.

This time, he’s disappointing his daughter Aubree when he fails to show up for a date to a father-daughter dance she has at school.

In the preview clip for Teen Mom 2 below, Chelsea Houska gets her daughter ready for the dance.

As Chelsea curls Aubree’s hair, the six-year-old explains that her teacher said it was OK for her to bring both her dad and Cole DeBoer, Chelsea’s fiance, to the event.

However, it’s the 11th hour, and they still haven’t heard from Adam.

"So if your dad doesn’t call or anything, you’re okay with going with just Cole, or do you not want to go?” Chelsea asks her daughter.

"I want to go," Aubree responds.

Chelsea then asks if Aubree still wants Cole to accompany them if her dad does call, and she answers in the affirmative.

"You’re a nice girlie, that’s nice of you to include, him, babe," Chelsea says.

When Chelsea asks why she thinks it’s important to include Cole, Aubree replies with an answer we’re not sure how to take.

""Cause he’s my other daddy," she explains.

On the one hand, it’s sweet, because Cole is for sure a far superior human to Adam.

Yet it’s also rather telling – does Aubree already recognize that Cole is a more competent parent than her biological, absentee father?

By the end of the clip, Adam still hasn’t texted, so Cole comes out, ready to fill in.

"Where’s my dancing partner?" he asks.

Thank goodness for Cole. Adam, you officially suck.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to see if he ever comes through.