Adam Lind Ditches Aubree's Father-Daughter Dance AGAIN!

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Look, we all know Adam Lind is a garbage person.

Not a person whose job it is to collect trash -- no, those people are fine citizens who perform an important service for society.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

Adam Lind is a garbage person in the way that he may literally be made of garbage.

He's that awful.

We don't have time to recount all the many, many ways in which he is the worst -- no one has that kind of time.

But just to do a quick recap, he's failed a drug test earlier this year when he was found to have meth in his system, and people in his life claim that he also does steroids.

The mother of his second child has also claimed that he's killed her puppies, and that he's been abusive towards her in the past.

On top of all that, he's one of the worst parents in Teen Mom history.

Adam Lind and His Daughters

And right now, we're going to focus on that last bit.

Though we've seen many, many examples of Adam being a bad father on Teen Mom 2, perhaps the most heartbreaking example was when he stood up his daughter, Aubree, for a dance.

Last year, Aubree's school had a special father-daughter dance, and she got permission from her school to bring both Adam and Chelsea Houska's then-boyfriend, Cole DeBoer.

(She wanted Cole to come along because while Adam is her father, Cole is her "other daddy," as she explained at the time.)

Ultimately Adam didn't show up at all, and he didn't call or text, either, so Cole took Aubree by himself.

The next time the poor little girl was with her dad, she asked him why he didn't show up for the dance, and he told her he was busy practicing for a weight-lifting competition.

Adam Lind Steroids Photo

Pathetic, right?

And now, thanks to a bittersweet Teen Mom 2 sneak peek, we know that Adam missed this year's father-daughter dance, too.

The clip starts with Aubree and Cole riding around in his truck, and he asks her "Are you ready to go dancin'?!"

"I didn't know it was tonight," she tells him, and he confirms that the father-daughter dance is indeed that night.

"Better bring your dancing shoes, 'cause it's on," he says.

Did we mention that it's physically painful how adorable Cole is?

Cole DeBoer and Aubree Lind

Later that day, we see Aubree and home with Chelsea, and Cole brings in two bouquets of flowers for his stepdaughter.

One of Chelsea's nieces is there too, and it looks like her father, Randy, is accompanying her to the dance.

Chelsea asks Aubree if she can see her dance moves, and she obliges, then Chelsea shows off her moves, and all the while little baby Watson is chilling in a baby swing.

Randy even gets in on the dancing, too!

Cutest Teen Mom 2 clip ever? It's a solid possibility.

It's also pretty telling that this time around, there's not even a mention of Adam.

Cole steps up for Aubree, just like he's always done, and it's not even an issue.

Which, on one hand, is great for Aubree. But on the other ... man, how is Adam this big of a douchebag?

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