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Adult film star Stormy Daniels has fired back at talk show host Wendy Williams in defense of her supposedly worn-out vagina.

God, there’s a sentence we wish we never had to write.

Stormy Daniels Selfie

The veteran porn star has become a household name of late due to her alleged affair in 2006 with Donald Trump.

As such, she was the subject of one of Williams’ cruel and uninformed rants yesterday during the talk show host’s "Hot Topics" segment.

Speaking on Daniels the day after Stormy appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Williams did not hold back.

Williams stated while showing her audience a photo of Daniels:

“She’s 38 and I know she’s been in the game of porn for a while, but, she’s like a dusty looking throwback porn star, right?” 

Wendy Williams Looks Stunned
(Wendy Williams Show)

Because she’s a terrible person, Williams went on to say that Trump’s supposed paramour is “all worn out down below.” 

Not only does she think that, she actually said it. Now, look, we’re not typically in the business of defending porn stars.

We’re not in the business of judging them, either, really; how they wish to earn a business is none of our business.

Williams, however, is in the business of judging pretty much everyone, from hurling misguided insults at Oprah Winfrey, Carrie Underwood and even Kylie Jenner’s unborn baby.

Heck, she even recently slammed the #MeToo movement.

Stormy Daniels on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Daniels, meanwhile, was not about to take Wendy’s diss lying down.

(Should we have used a different phrase for an adult film star? Whoops. Too late.)

In response to Williams discussing her most private of parts, Daniels told TMZ:

"My vagina is a well trained beautiful athlete that would not have the longest running contract in porn history if she were ugly."

That’s… a pretty awesome reply, no?

Daniels added that she’d be happy to give Wendy an up close and personal view of her vagina if so desired.

Stormy has been in the news for several weeks now.

Stormy Daniels Pic
(Inside Edition)

It has been alleged that she accepted a $130,000 payout from President Trump prior to the 2016 election in exchange for her silence of an affair between the two from about a decade ago.

In Touch Weekly even published an extensive interview it conducted with Daniels about said affair, during which she freely admitted to being familiar with Trump’s penis.

However, Daniels has now sort of backtracked.

She seemed to deny an affair with Trump entirely last week, only to now take the stance that she’s going to remain quite and vague about the whole thing.

Probably because she did sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for the aforementioned sum of money.

The point of this story, though, it not to delve into whatever may or may not have transpired between the Commander-in-Chief and a porn star.

It’s mostly just to state once again that Wendy Williams is a nosy and awful person who should stop judging others.

And she definitely should just talking about their vaginas.