Wendy Williams: Ugh, I Am So Sick of the #MeToo Movement!

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Wendy Williams has had it, people.

She's sick and tired, alright?!?

She just can't handle any more women coming out and feeling empowered and calling out men who have sexually harassed or assaulted them.

Wendy Williams Sucks A Lot

Seriously... enough already with this nonsense!

We wish we were being sarcastic and silly, but the obnoxious talk show host really did say essentially this during her ridiculous "Hot Topics" segment on Friday.

"So there's a grassroot movement to remove R. Kelly's music…or remove R. Kelly from the music industry forever," Williams explained to her audience, asking:

"What is this 10 years too late? Really?"

For the record: R. Kelly is an awful human being.

Videotapes exist of him urinating on underage girls in bed and he's basically running a sex cult as we type.

So... yeah. Maybe this movement to bring the artist's hideous behavior to light is a little bit late, but better than never, no?

Wendy Williams Makes a Face

Continued Williams on this subject:

"Two Atlanta women are really upset that R. Kelly has had a career despite decades of troubling accusations…so they have now created a hashtag #MuteRKelly.

"It's not gonna work. Black people aren't really good at protesting. Not since the King march…it's not going to work."

Black people aren't really good at protesting.

We're just gonna leave that sentence there and let Wendy's message sink in.

Why even bother trying, African-Americans? There's no need to stand up for anything you believe in, according to this sage talk show host.

Wendy Williams Acts Surprised

Williams then returned to the topic of protesting a few minutes later, setting her sights on the courageous women who have come out to take down such sexual deviants as Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Louis CK and countless others.

"I'm sick of this #MeToo movement," she said, in all seriousness, explaining thusly:

"I love that people are speaking up for the first time and coming out and everything, but now it's got…I look at all men like, 'You're a #MeToo.'

"All of 'em, all of 'em, which is not fair."

There's a really simple answer to this problem, Wendy.

Are you ready for it? Okay, here goes...

Actually listen to the stories of these women and then determine which men deserve to wear such a label and which do not.

Yes, listen to other people. That's all you need to do here.

We know it's asking a lot.

Wendy Williams Show Photo

This isn't the first time Williams have stated a cruel and misguided opinion just to make headlines.

It isn't the 279th time, either.

It's all she knows how to do. It's the only reason she exists.

Earlier this month, Williams bashed Oprah for being fat, called Carrie Underwood a liar and told Kylie Jenner her baby would be ugly.

She is a terrible human being.

The sooner the world comes to this obvious realization, the better.

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