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We try not to write about Tila Tequila very often.

The former reality star is one of two things:

  1. Desperate for attention.
  2. Mentally deranged.

It could easily be a combination of both, of course.

Tila Tequila with Clothing On
Photo via Facebook

About a year ago, for example, Tequila wrote that Michelle Obama is a man and that she controls the universe.

We’ve actually ignored her ramblings ever since because, come on… they are just the ramblings of a mad woman.

But we can’t ignore some of Tila’s latest nonsense. It’s simply too ridiculous and, quite frankly, too offensive.

For example, Tequila wrote on Facebook yesterday that God has made sure she will live forever and that others keep dying because they deserve it.

In fact, Tequila hopes these people continue to die and that the world is purged of those who are wicked and evil.

She, of course, is NOT one of these people because she was sent here by God to carry out His wishes and pass along His message.

"Yesterday I warned more wicked people on my FB page to beware of more deaths coming their way and behold! Today there are many DEATHS reported in the news!" she wrote.

Added Tila:

" Lmao! #ThankYouJesus I pray This #PURGE continues and will pick up more traction over time to such a high level that people will be left in shock and awe of what’s happening….


Tila Fb

In a reply to a comment on her Facebook page, Tequila also referenced the President.

She doesn’t seem to be a fan of Donald Trump, but she’s also glad he’s in office.

"Donald Trump IS also a manifestation of God’s wrath upon you all! True story!!" she wrote, adding:

"And he will be in office for the next 8 years to keep you all in torment! Brilliant!"

Throughout the year, meanwhile, Tila has pointed to various deaths as a sign that people who do not repent will be punished by the Almighty.

For instance, this is what she had the gall to write upon the death of Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan:

Tila Reaction

Heck, Tequila even celebrated, in her warped way, the death of Ellen DeGeneres’ father and other natural disasters that took the lives of thousands.

It’s really horrible stuff.

We hate to even give Tila a platform here.

We do think it’s important for two reasons, however:

  1. She needs mental help and perhaps public pressure will prompt her to seek it out.
  2. Do not believe a word this woman says.

Here’s another example of Tequila comparing herself to Jesus Christ:

Tequila Stuff

In November of 2016, Tequila showed a love for Nazis online and got suspended by Twitter.

We’re not sure what it will take for the same thing to happen here with Facebook.

For Tila’s own sake, she really needs to get off this social media network and re-evaluate her life.

In every way one possibly can.