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Farrah Abraham has never been one to hold back.

Everyone remotely familiar with her knows that. Still, our girl may have just taken her unfiltered relationship with her fans to a new level.

Farrah Abraham, Bending Back

As fans are well aware, Abraham doesn’t keep secrets with regard to her sex life, including but not limited to the infamous Farrah sex tape.

We’ve read her erotic novels (okay, no we haven’t, but surely someone has, because somehow she wrote a bunch of those).

We’ve looked on in confusion as she hawked plastic molds of her various orifices and embarked on a side gig as a cam girl.

Who knew cam girls were still a thing? You learn something every day in this business, and for that, we thank Farrah.

In any case, we suppose it’s a natural career progression for a girl who owes her career to getting pregnant at a young age.

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Perhaps in her mind, it stands to reason that she should continue to share the details of her sexual activity with the general public.

Sure, the other stars of the Teen Mom franchise don’t seem compelled to masturbate via live stream, but Farrah’s not like the other girls.

In fact, Farrah’s really not like anyone.

This is a fact that she reminded us of again this weekend, when she casually informed fans that her regular schedule of non-stop social media posting would be interrupted.

The reason for this earth-shattering hiatus in Abraham’s online updates? So that she could go terminate a pregnancy, obviously.

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“Oh my gosh! I had a pregnancy scare,” Farrah exclaimed via (what else, honestly) a cat-filtered Snapchat video.

“Girls watch your expiration date," Abraham added, explaining what she meant: "That is on your birth control!”

Sound advice.

Amazingly, if the video ended there, it might be the least-WTF thing Farrah has ever posted to social media.

But end there it did not

“Um, I’m gonna have to tell you a little bit later because I gotta go take care of it,” Farrah concluded.

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Yes, as far as we can tell, Farrah took to Snapchat so that she could inform fans of her difficult decision … while sporting a cat nose and ears.

Like we said, the woman has literally never had a thought that she didn’t post online, which we suppose is part of her …

Well, "charm" is a strong word, but whatever you’d call that unique quality Farrah possesses, it certainly prevents us from looking away.

As for the rumors that Farrah was fired from Teen Mom OG over those racy live streams, well, that appears to have been a stretch.

We think she confirmed on Twitter that she’s not returning to the show, but it’s Ms. Abraham’s unique way with words makes it hard to tell.

Word Salad

Farrah wrote in vintage word salad style:

"Watching @TeenMom @mtv I’m so happy I don’t welcome anymore of @MTV made up shit to help mention the other trash moms feel important lmao. 

"good luck @MTV #2018goals #Sorrynotsorry."

We have no idea what that means, but shout-out to Farrah for refusing to be limited by society’s notions of how words should work.

And for tagging MTV twice in the same tweet. That’s how you really get people’s attention on social media.